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Energy Healing <i>by Soufiane</i>Energy Healing <i>by Soufiane</i>

10% week days

Energy Healing by Soufiane

Deep Tissue, Sports, Ayurvedic & 4 more

(646) 724-9667

Based in New York $160+ In-studio & mobile

10% week days

Massage Therapy <i>by Sean</i>Massage Therapy <i>by Sean</i>

Massage Therapy by Sean

Deep Tissue, Sports & Swedish

(760) 718-9380

Based in San Diego $45+ In-studio only
Male Massage <i>by Famous Alex</i>Male Massage <i>by Famous Alex</i>

10%. Ten

Male Massage by Famous Alex

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports & 6 more

(212) 731-9869

Based in New York $250+ Mobile only

10%. Ten

Male Massage <i>by Fred</i>Male Massage <i>by Fred</i>

Male Massage by Fred

Deep Tissue, Sports & Swedish

(831) 273-7200

Based in Monterey $90+ In-studio only
Male Massage <i>by Kay</i>Male Massage <i>by Kay</i>

Male Massage by Kay

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 2 more

(619) 776-8460

Currently in Boston $160+ In-studio only

Welcome to great relaxing massage. Magic hands with wonderful massage. I’m easy going & friendly. masseur base California. I specialize in massage therapy techniques…

Body Renewal <i>by Jay</i>Body Renewal <i>by Jay</i>

Body Renewal by Jay

Deep Tissue, Swedish & 1 more

(702) 271-8362

Based in Paradise $140+ In-studio & mobile
Therapeutic Massage <i>by Julio</i>Therapeutic Massage <i>by Julio</i>

Therapeutic Massage by Julio

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports & 6 more

(786) 361-5929

Based in Los Angeles $100+ In-studio only

…Please note I provide therapeutic massage only… I enjoy working with the gay community & all are welcome! You're beautiful & I look forward…

Comforting Massage <i>by Daniel</i>Comforting Massage <i>by Daniel</i>

Comforting Massage by Daniel

Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular

(786) 608-1445

Based in Doral $140+ In-studio only

If you want a massage to relax or control stress, you are in the right place:. I work on the basis of Swedish massage,…

Professional Relaxation <i>by Sean</i>Professional Relaxation <i>by Sean</i>

$20 off

Professional Relaxation by Sean

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 2 more

(314) 619-3320

Based in St. Louis $180+ In-studio & mobile

$20 off


…I offer a very relaxing calm full body deep tissue massage to all people non discriminate & very gay & LGBTQ FRIENDLY. MY MASSAGE…

Tranquil Touch <i>by German</i>Tranquil Touch <i>by German</i>

Tranquil Touch by German

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Swedish & 4 more

(630) 770-7789

Based in Carol Stream $140+ Mobile only

…I was trained in South America, in a variety of modalities including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Shiatsu & a blend of other styles… My…

Mind<b>+</b>Body Massage <i>by Ian</i>Mind<b>+</b>Body Massage <i>by Ian</i>

Mind+Body Massage by Ian

Deep Tissue & Swedish

(917) 346-1788

Based in West Hollywood $120+ In-studio & mobile
Zen Massage <i>by Dean</i>Zen Massage <i>by Dean</i>

Zen Massage by Dean

Deep Tissue, Swedish & 1 more

(754) 801-3294

Based in Fort Lauderdale $70+ In-studio only
Intuitive Bodywork <i>by Tyler</i>Intuitive Bodywork <i>by Tyler</i>

Intuitive Bodywork by Tyler

Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy & 1 more

(541) 218-7035

Based in San Antonio $140+ In-studio & mobile
Professional Relaxation <i>by RJ</i>Professional Relaxation <i>by RJ</i>

90 min booking gets extra 10 min

Professional Relaxation by RJ

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports & 10 more

(323) 445-1480

Based in Long Beach $140+ In-studio & mobile

90 min booking gets extra 10 min


…Steam-shower, luxury soaps & premium essential oils. All just one request away here. Let me pamper you!. I am proficient in many techniques: Swedish,…

Healing <b>&</b> Tranquility <i>by Max</i>Healing <b>&</b> Tranquility <i>by Max</i>

Healing & Tranquility by Max

Deep Tissue, Swedish & 2 more

(917) 864-8007

Based in New York $130+ In-studio & mobile

…I got my second vaccine. I come from Eastern Europe, here for your massage needs. My massage sessions are primarily a mix of Swedish…

Stress Relief <i>by Lyan</i>Stress Relief <i>by Lyan</i>

Stress Relief by Lyan

Deep Tissue & Swedish

(224) 422-2849

Currently in Miami $150+ In-studio & mobile

…Trained massage therapist with 5 years of experience, welcomes clients of all ages, body types, ethnicities & gender, whether you identify LGBTQA+ or straight…

Therapeutic Massage <i>by Damian</i>Therapeutic Massage <i>by Damian</i>

Therapeutic Massage by Damian

Deep Tissue, Sports & Swedish

(310) 717-8474

Based in Los Angeles $160+ In-studio & mobile
At-Home Massage <i>by Heith</i>At-Home Massage <i>by Heith</i>

At-Home Massage by Heith

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 8 more

(512) 733-4545

Based in Houston $85+ In-studio only

…My specialty is deep tissue sports/pain management. Very friendly down to earth guy I offer massage to gay, straights, bi, men & woman clients…

Elevating Bodywork <i>by Alexis</i>Elevating Bodywork <i>by Alexis</i>

Elevating Bodywork by Alexis

Sports, Aromatherapy & 5 more

(312) 369-0569

Currently in Wilton Manors $170+ Mobile only

Welcome to my profile. I'm Alexis, a Peruvian massage therapist with my great hands. Very well educated & outspoken. With my massage theraphy, I…

Therapeutic Healing <i>by Dennis</i>Therapeutic Healing <i>by Dennis</i>

Therapeutic Healing by Dennis

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 8 more

(760) 401-7968

Based in San Diego $100+ In-studio & mobile

…Massage Mind & Bodywork. I help people maintain harmony with their bodies & healthier relationships with themselves. Let’s face it when we are out…

Professional Relaxation <i>by Isacc</i>Professional Relaxation <i>by Isacc</i>

Professional Relaxation by Isacc

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Reiki & 7 more

(414) 604-6123

Based in Chicago $160+ In-studio & mobile

…Hi, my name is Isaque, I have been a massage therapist for almost 10 years, licensed in Brazil as a massage therapist & holistic…

Male Massage <i>by Chad</i>Male Massage <i>by Chad</i>

Male Massage by Chad

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 2 more

(480) 493-1050

Based in Augusta $120+ In-studio only

…I offer a full body therapeutic massage to relax & ease your tensions. I will use my skillful hands to design a massage custom…

Rejuvenating Massage <i>by Alejandro</i>Rejuvenating Massage <i>by Alejandro</i>

20$ off

Rejuvenating Massage by Alejandro

Deep Tissue & Aromatherapy

(678) 379-9834

Based in Atlanta $120+ In-studio only

20$ off


…Five years of experience… Everyone is welcomed here, no matter who you are or where you come from!. 4 Hands massage also available… LGBT…

At-Home Massage <i>by Austin</i>At-Home Massage <i>by Austin</i>

At-Home Massage by Austin

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 1 more

(818) 860-0583

Based in Los Angeles $180+ In-studio only

…This is a loving & healing environment. As a LGBT member, I love serving my community members… I have experience in providing massages, 4…

Male Massage <i>by Astin</i>Male Massage <i>by Astin</i>

Male Massage by Astin

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 3 more

(858) 290-6856

Based in San Diego $125+ In-studio only

4-HAND MASSAGE AVAILABLE with Male Massage by Newell. I pride myself in the extraordinary respect & privacy I have for my diverse massage clients.…

Therapeutic Massage <i>by Igor</i>Therapeutic Massage <i>by Igor</i>

Therapeutic Massage by Igor

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 1 more

(628) 502-3227

Based in Oakland $75+ In-studio & mobile

I am a dedicated professional who enjoys his craft. I have been practicing massages for 4 years & i understand the art & science…

Massage Therapy <i>by John</i>Massage Therapy <i>by John</i>

Massage Therapy by John

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports & 3 more

(346) 241-5446

Based in Houston $80+ In-studio only

…My name is John & I am a professional licensed massage therapist. I have 3 years of experience. I offer a variety of massage…

Massage Therapy <i>by Carlos</i>Massage Therapy <i>by Carlos</i>

Massage Therapy by Carlos

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Swedish & 2 more

(407) 239-6007

Based in Los Angeles $100+ In-studio only

…Looking forward to meet & have you relaxing during my massage therapy session. LGBT friendly & I welcome everyone in my session.

Enlightening Massage <i>by Tim</i>Enlightening Massage <i>by Tim</i>

Enlightening Massage by Tim

Swedish & Aromatherapy

(954) 440-5140

Based in Fort Lauderdale $180+ In-studio & mobile
Bodhi Massage <i>by Benji</i>Bodhi Massage <i>by Benji</i>

Bodhi Massage by Benji

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 8 more

(206) 573-7404

Based in Seattle $100+ In-studio & mobile