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Bronze Gold Platinum
For part-timers who need a boost For masseurs ready to take their business to the next level For top pros who want to make serious money
Number of ads 2 2 4
Placement in search results Bottom Middle First
Number of photos 4 15 25
Number of videos 0 1 2
Photo size in search results small medium large
Priority customer support & text approval x x
AVAILABLE NOW feature 60 minutes at a time 90 minutes at a time 120 minutes at a time
Travel schedule 2 trip/month 6 trips/month unlimited
Chance to be in the weekly newsletter (if enough room)
In rotation on homepage x x
Weekly specials x
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From our members

Thank You SOOOO much for creating the Availability Flag! I like to widen my availability, that way I can get enough clients in my busy day and all. You guys ROCK!!!

Kenneth in Cathedral City

This summer I've been having an amazing start. I just want to send a random thank you and my admiration for all you do. You make my everyday life a better place !

Brandon (24/7) CMT in Las Vegas

I have experienced unprecedented success in my masseur career for over 12 years because of the exceptional service and great reach that Masseurfinder has.

Marcello in New York

I have easily quadrupled my business with the first month of ads on Masseurfinder. I have actually turned down as much business as I have accepted, because I can't book everyone the same day they contact me.

Rocky DC in Sterling

You're the best! I have over a dozen regular clients I got from Masseurfinder who come just about every week.

Rick in Burbank

I have always been happy with the service provided by you and the other staff members at Masseurfinder.com. I have canceled my other ads on mass...m4m, men4....now, and a couple of others.

Joe in Los Angeles