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Masseurfinder is the web's best directory of gay-friendly male massage therapists and bodyworkers in North America, Europe and Australia.

Our goal is to maintain a fast, well designed, informative site that helps massage aficionados find the perfect masseur, and helps masseurs establish a strong presence in their communities.


What does "Available Now" mean?
You may see ads in search results that say "Available Now" on them. This means the masseur has actively turned on this feature, indicating he has a current time slot available, and if you're close to his location, you can be on his table in a matter of minutes. Just because a masseur does not have the "Available Now" flag on his ad doesn't mean you still can't book with him immediately, or on the same day. It's mostly used by masseurs who've had last minute cancellations, or who are having a slow day. If you contact a masseur with "Available Now" on his ad, and do not receive an immediate response, please report them to Customer Support.
How do I write a review for a masseur?
Click "Write a Testimonial" at the top right corner of any ad to submit a testimonial for the masseur. Masseurfinder ads are paid advertising spaces and the masseur who pays has ultimate control over what content appears on his ad. Masseurs also have the ability to respond publicly to testimonials they accept on their ads.
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