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Healing Arts <i>by Archie</i>

30$ off with proof Veterans, Healthcare, & Teachers

Healing Arts by Archie

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 4 more  ·  $160 & up

(512) 660-7656

Visiting Portland Mobile & in-studio

30$ off with proof Veterans, Healthcare, & Teachers

… I am confident that I can provide the best bodywork being a certified personal trainer for 9 years now & licensed massage therapist for 4 years. …

Intuitive Bodywork <i>by Juan</i>

Intuitive Bodywork by Juan

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 3 more  ·  $180 & up

(312) 605-2608

Visiting Portland Mobile & in-studio

Latino well travel visiting your city now. I have more than 3 years experience working as professional massage therapist. …

Massage Bliss <i>by Kurt</i>

$10 off legs-glutes-groin 90min

Massage Bliss by Kurt

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports & 9 more  ·  $100 & up

(503) 403-9534

Based in SW Portland Mobile & in-studio

$10 off legs-glutes-groin 90min

… I look forward to hearing from you! (I prefer texting over e-mail, thanks, as it is faster.). …

The Art of Touch <i>by Yuri</i>

The Art of Touch by Yuri

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 6 more  ·  $85 & up

(971) 419-3474

Based in Happy Valley At his studio only

… I am inclusive to any age and preferences, gay or straight. I respond quickly to text message to ensure that we can book our time together. …

Customized Massage <i>by Roman</i>

Customized Massage by Roman

Sports, Acupressure & 2 more  ·  $125 & up

(360) 210-8400

Based in Mt. Scott-Arleta At his studio only

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my resume. My name is Roman and I am a professional massage therapist. I live in Portland. …

Healing Bodywork <i>by Joey</i>

Healing Bodywork by Joey

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports & 6 more  ·  $100 & up

(971) 470-0387

Serving Portland Mobile appts only

… If you'd like to set up a session, please send me a text for availability and we'll go from there. Thanks, and I look forward to working with you! …

Therapeutic Touch <i>by Randy</i>

Therapeutic Touch by Randy

Deep Tissue & Swedish  ·  $130 & up

(503) 894-6850

Based in SE Portland At his studio only

… But I do take new clients and I occasionally have same-day availability. Feel welcome to inquire about specific dates/times of availability. …

Customized Massage <i>by Mo</i>

Customized Massage by Mo

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 2 more  ·  $90 & up

(503) 662-2213

Based in North Tabor Mobile & in-studio

My name is Mo and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in Portland, OR. I am intuitive and approach massage with a firm yet nurturing touch. …

Massage by Todd

Massage by Todd

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu & 4 more  ·  $70 & up

(503) 367-2173

Based in NE Portland At his studio only

… I enjoy working with people and have a wonderful time getting to know them. I have an excellent understanding of the body. …

Masterful Massage <i>by Michael</i>

Masterful Massage by Michael

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports & 19 more  ·  $125 & up

(503) 858-2555

Based in Irvington At his studio only

… I’m strong like ox. Love providing a safe space for men, gay or otherwise, to explore their bodies and enjoy a refuge of healing and relaxation. …

Revitalizing Touch <i>by Luke</i>

Revitalizing Touch by Luke

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Ashiatsu & 3 more  ·  $100 & up

(212) 729-6680

Based in NW Portland Mobile & in-studio

… I am happy to serve all people in the LGBTQIA+ community! My massages are imbued with compassionate care and personalized attention. …

The Art of Massage <i>by Mark</i>

The Art of Massage by Mark

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 1 more  ·  $85 & up

(503) 866-5572

Based in SE Portland At his studio only

… Many of them are active guys who need touch to help them recover from life or to prepare them for their next endeavors. …

Energy Work <i>by Corey</i>

Energy Work by Corey

Acupressure, Polarity Therapy & 5 more  ·  $125 & up

(206) 972-5311

Based in SW Portland Mobile & in-studio

… I practice in both Washington and Oregon. In Washington I mainly do deep tissue, sports and Swedish. In Oregon I focus on conscious breathwork. …

Energy Bodywork <i>by Devin</i>

Energy Bodywork by Devin

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 2 more  ·  $100 & up

(503) 929-4071

Based in SE Portland Mobile & in-studio

I am honored to have offered massage and healing modalities to the LGBTQ+ community for 24 years. …

Body<b>+</b>Spirit Healing <i>by Jesse</i>

Body+Spirit Healing by Jesse

Swedish, Acupressure, Tandem & 9 more  ·  $90 & up

(708) 506-2733

Based in SW Portland Mobile & in-studio

… I will do my best to get back to my Portland, Oregon location as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in me for your bodywork needs. …

Seasoned Bodywork <i>by Alex</i>

Seasoned Bodywork by Alex

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 14 more  ·  $150 & up

(415) 420-5747

Based in 97214 At his studio only

… People who come to me want the best massage of their life. I only offer professional/legit massage therapy/bodywork and nothing else. …

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