Gay massage in Brooklyn

Massage by DannyMassage by Danny

Massage by Danny

Deep Tissue & Hot Stone

(415) 672-7743

6 mi from city ctr $75+ In-studio only

\u2026I incorporate several modalities: deep tissue, reflexology & Swedish to provide an overall thorough massage. I’m intuitive & care about what I do. Time…\u2026

Massage by ChrisMassage by Chris

Massage by Chris

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports & 3 more

(213) 840-9372

8 mi from city ctr $140+ In-studio & mobile

\u2026I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist & a graduate of The Swedish Institute of Massage in NYC & I also have an MFA from Rutgers…\u2026

Massage by PhilipMassage by Philip

Massage by Philip

Deep Tissue, Sports & 6 more

(347) 318-0483

9 mi from city ctr $150+ In-studio & mobile

\u2026I am a professional athlete & know the pains & stress that the body can encounter. I’d like to take my time to give…\u2026

Male Massage <i>by Alex</i>Male Massage <i>by Alex</i>

Male Massage by Alex

Deep Tissue, Swedish & 1 more

(917) 613-8742

6 mi from city ctr $40+ In-studio only

\u2026I am well-trained skill of full body massage. I promise each client full anonymity & complete privacy. If you should have any questions please…\u2026

Massage by LeoMassage by Leo

Massage by Leo

Deep Tissue, British Sports & 2 more

(646) 303-0881

9 mi from city ctr $140+ In-studio & mobile

Ballet dancer with a special knowledge about anatomy of the body. I offer relaxing massage, reflexology, acupressure, sport massage, deep tissue that dissolves all…\u2026

Massage by MatinMassage by Matin

Massage by Matin

Deep Tissue & Lomi Lomi

(718) 612-1719

9 mi from city ctr $100+ In-studio & mobile

\u2026I am dual licensed for massage & facial/ bodyWax. Over 15 years, I’ve worked as a captain of massage therapy/ senior esthetician at top…\u2026

Intuitive Bodywork <i>by Michael</i>Intuitive Bodywork <i>by Michael</i>

Intuitive Bodywork by Michael

Deep Tissue, Acupressure & 3 more

(310) 367-5632

7 mi from city ctr $150+ In-studio & mobile

\u2026I use a combination of breath & sound healing to help let go of stress & tension of everyday life. I welcome LGBT of…\u2026

Massage by KennMassage by Kenn

Massage by Kenn

Shiatsu, Sports, Swedish & 5 more

(201) 381-9718

10 mi from city ctr $45+ In-studio only

\u2026With my many years of massage training, I am skilled at assessing each body & by using flat handed long arm strokes, I restore…\u2026

Healing Bodywork <i>by Dieter</i>Healing Bodywork <i>by Dieter</i>

Healing Bodywork by Dieter

Thai, Acupressure, Reflexology & 1 more

(954) 278-2987

Visiting from Berlin $150+ In-studio & mobile

\u2026Hey my name is Dieter i been trained all over the world i trained in Thailand with monks i learned Thai massage, in Australia…\u2026

Massage by BurinMassage by Burin

Massage by Burin

Shiatsu, Sports & Swedish

(646) 337-7691

11 mi from city ctr $140+ In-studio & mobile

\u2026It's easy to relax & forget about the daily grind under my hands. I have over 10 years of experience in Swedish, shiatsu &…\u2026

Massage by KainMassage by Kain

Massage by Kain

Deep Tissue & Swedish


Visiting from Soho In-studio only
The Art of Touch <i>by Noel</i>The Art of Touch <i>by Noel</i>

The Art of Touch by Noel

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 3 more

(201) 632-5788

10 mi from city ctr $200+ Mobile only
Massage Therapy <i>by Hp</i>Massage Therapy <i>by Hp</i>

Massage Therapy by Hp

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports & 4 more

(347) 565-4437

16 mi from city ctr $130+ In-studio & mobile

\u2026My name is Hp & I am a qualified, professionally trained, certified, healthy, athletic & accomplished Massage Therapist. I specialize in Therapeutic Massage Therapy,…\u2026

Energetic Healing <i>by Dev</i>Energetic Healing <i>by Dev</i>

Energetic Healing by Dev

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports & 9 more

(914) 308-9236

Based in Yonkers $170+ In-studio & mobile

\u2026Moving beyond the mechanic’s of bodywork & cultivating a safe space for all however we identify (LGBTQIA).

Massage by RonyMassage by Rony

Massage by Rony

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 2 more

(973) 826-0192

19 mi from city ctr $130+ In-studio & mobile

\u2026My studio undergoes a meticulous daily cleaning & it is bleached to keep it bacteria/virus free. I always offer clean linens & towels. All…\u2026

Massage by ErikMassage by Erik

Massage by Erik

Deep Tissue & Swedish

(908) 327-0237

18 mi from city ctr $80+ In-studio only

Hi guys, my name is Erik - I'm an experienced, professional, gay masseur\u2026 I specialize in Swedish style, full body massage. I try to…\u2026

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