Mission Statement & Philsophy

At Masseurfinder, we're proud to provide a venue free of homophobia where massage enthusiasts can find talented massage therapists. For more than 15 years, we've been fighting to ensure that bigotry is not a factor in the decision to seek massage or to work in the bodywork industry.

When we founded Masseurfinder in 2004, workplace discrimination against LGBT individuals was legal in all 50 states and a majority of Americans stated that homosexuality was "morally wrong." Recent years have seen amazing strides in rights for our community, yet firing someone for being gay or trans is still legal in many places in the United States. A recent survey found, incredibly, that close to one third of adults still state that they feel uncomfortable doing business with non-heterosexuals.

It's no wonder, then, that our site has thrived in the decade and a half since its founding, building a loyal base of hundreds of thousands of massage lovers and thousands of massage therapists. Our users regularly thank us for providing a forum where they can seek bodywork without fear of discrimination or judgment. And the massage therapists who advertise on the site often thank us for helping them achieve financial stability and independence — being their own bosses and doing something that they love, without the risk of being fired unfairly or of having uncomfortable interactions with the occasional bigoted member of the public.

Our users also regularly tell us that massage, and particularly "gay massage" — that is, bodywork for by and for LGBT individuals and their allies — plays a special role in their lives. A large body of research has validated the wide-ranging physiological benefits of massage therapy, from reducing stress hormones to boosting immune function. But we don't need to read the latest studies to know that touch is a vital part of the human experience, providing a sense of wellbeing, calm, belonging and connection. Its healing power is especially appreciated by many LGBT men — a group whose collective battle wounds, including the AIDS crisis and decades of intolerance, have engendered a sense of solidarity.

Loyal site users have regularly told us over the years that massage, especially Eastern modalities, has been a vital part of their journeys toward peace and self-acceptance. (Those living with HIV often find the healing potential particularly strong, considering that there was a time when mere skin contact with positive individuals was widely feared.) Many providers are as proud of their ability to get clients to open up for frank, supportive, ongoing, nurturing conversations as they are of their expert work on pesky knots.

This level of healing and understanding is not something you that you would find at a nationwide chain. Bodywork is as much an art as a science, and many of the true masters choose to work for themselves, not only because of the financial rewards but because it's the best way to hone their craft. We're proud of the unique, organic community that has emerged from our digital platform. Masseurfinder was founded in large part to resist homophobia, but its continued strength is in bring together myriad individuals who respect the profound power of massage — to heal, connect and inspire.