San DiegoGay massage

Male Massage <i>by Astin</i>

Male Massage by Astin

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 3 more  ·  $155 & up

(858) 290-6856

Based in Mid-City At his studio only

… Your happiness is of utmost importance. Please book ahead - my schedule is often full due to a large client base. I look forward to hearing from you! …

Therapeutic Massage <i>by Michael</i>

Therapeutic Massage by Michael

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai & 1 more  ·  $85 & up

(619) 709-0101

Based in North Park Mobile & in-studio

Take the time you DESERVE for self-care. Life can be fast-paced and stressful which our bodies manifest as tension, knots and sore muscles. …

Healing Bodywork <i>by Jon</i>

Healing Bodywork by Jon

Thai  ·  $120 & up

(619) 252-9960

Based in Golden Hill At his studio only

… I am a Certified Thai Massage Therapist and Instructor. I trained in Chiang Mai, Thailand. …

Stress Relief <i>by Victor</i>

Stress Relief by Victor

Deep Tissue, Sports & Swedish  ·  $100 & up

(619) 354-0192

Based in University Heights At his studio only

… I’m friendly, attentive, and always listen to the needs of my clients. I’m originally from Brazil, and LGBTQ friendly. …

Mind<b>+</b>Body Massage <i>by Mark</i>

Mind+Body Massage by Mark

Deep Tissue, Swedish & 2 more  ·  $95 & up

(412) 297-1555

Based in North Park At his studio only

"There can be 100 people in a room and 99 don't believe in you. It only takes one to make a difference.". …

Intuitive Bodywork <i>by Niko</i>

Intuitive Bodywork by Niko

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 6 more  ·  $110 & up

(702) 529-1564

Based in East Village Mobile & in-studio

… Let's work together to address all of your body's needs and create the perfect massage experience for you. I hope to add you to my list of regulars! …

Zen Massage <i>by Omar</i>

Zen Massage by Omar

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 3 more  ·  $250 & up

(760) 383-6883

Serving San Diego Mobile appts only

… While setting a comfortable, relaxing, environment. Contact me via txt message (outcalls only). …

Male Massage <i>by André</i>

$15 off 60 min massage for new clients

Male Massage by André

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 11 more  ·  $120 & up

(619) 721-3191

Based in City Heights Mobile & in-studio

$15 off 60 min massage for new clients

… Feel relaxed with my massage setup: cozy and comfortable, with ambient music, soft starry light, and a table warmer. Your comfort is important to me. …

Massage Therapy <i>by Don</i>

Massage Therapy by Don

Deep Tissue, Sports & Swedish  ·  $60 & up

(405) 332-3324

Based in Oak Park Mobile & in-studio

… I play peaceful music and use coconut oil. If u want extra services it's triple to quadruple the cost. …

Revitalizing Touch <i>by Mark</i>

Revitalizing Touch by Mark

Deep Tissue & Sports  ·  $200 & up

(916) 510-6723

Based in Hillcrest Mobile & in-studio
Male Massage <i>by Mark</i>

Male Massage by Mark

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 1 more  ·  $140 & up

(619) 452-5634

Based in Linda Vista Mobile & in-studio

I have 5 years massage job experience. I understand the male body and will use my hands to keep you RELAXED AND REJUVENATED. …

Massage Therapy <i>by Bryan</i>

Massage Therapy by Bryan

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports & 11 more  ·  $90 & up

(619) 288-1802

Based in Midway Dist. Mobile & in-studio

… Please contact us for more information and to schedule. I/We look forward to working on your body. …

Revitalizing Massage <i>by Robert</i>

Revitalizing Massage by Robert

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 2 more  ·  $135 & up

(619) 651-6273

Based in Mission Valley Mobile & in-studio

… I’m very passionate about using my nurturing hands to give you the stress relieve yet therapeutic massage everyone deserves. …

Elevating Bodywork <i>by Reyn</i>

Elevating Bodywork by Reyn

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 3 more  ·  $120 & up

(209) 791-6008

Based in La Mesa Mobile & in-studio

… It is the pinnacle of therapeutic massage! My services are for all, and primarily for the LGBTQIA+ community and our allies. …

Massage Bliss <i>by Simon</i>

Free body scrub with any $150+ service (new clients)

Massage Bliss by Simon

Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish & 5 more  ·  $80 & up

(972) 467-0268

Based in Clairemont Mobile & in-studio

Free body scrub with any $150+ service (new clients)

… The button is a calendar icon. This link is the fastest, most convenient way to book me. Text me to clarify any questions or book. …

Healing Bodywork <i>by Terry</i>

Healing Bodywork by Terry

Deep Tissue, Sports & Swedish  ·  $75 & up

(816) 719-7479

Based in La Jolla Village Mobile & in-studio

… But my primary focus is a combination of relaxation and deep tissue work. It is important to me that each client receives an exceptional massage. …

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