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Since I was young I have always been drawn to touch and massage, the physical and emotional comfort of that connection. When I began studying and practicing massage more seriously a few years ago, I knew immediately that I was made for this! The strength in my hands, reaching deep into the muscles or lightly palpating the surface of the skin.. it's a magical feeling, meditative and intense at the same time. I love tuning into each individual's... needs and sensitivities and finding the right points and pressures to achieve the utmost healing and letting go of tension. There's nothing more enjoyable than hearing that uffhh of finding a spot that needs some real attention!

I also believe all people, at any age or physical state, deserve and need to experience this kind of personal connection, closeness and touch that comes from a place of love. I am a deeply spiritual person, and I believe the physical contact of massage is just one part of a greater sharing of energy that happens when we enter into space of stillness and healing. Over the years I have worked on men and women, friends, family and strangers, but I find there is something especially beautiful and rewarding in working with other gay men. Of course it's just great for us to support each other within our community, but I think my abilities are also amplified by an understanding of shared struggles so many of us have faced in our lives. So much of our history is about secrecy, trauma and self-loathing, and we could all use a little empathy and healing! I also believe this format is a powerful opportunity for building inter-generational relationships and community, which may have existed in gay subcultures during other times, but is sorely lacking in our modern world.

A massage session with me will never be hasty or mechanical. As I search for trigger points and tender areas, I am also sensing energetically for stagnated flows or blockages. I work to awaken all your chakras, opening you up from root to crown, restoring balance and alignment and flow. I put considerable focus on opening the heart, center of compassion and total love, the gut-brain, center of instinctive knowing, and the third eye, center of insight and intuition. By sharing my heart with you, my hope is that you will pass on that higher vibration to all those you come into contact with, even subconsciously, and together we can heal this whole planet!

My massage space is zen, lush with plants, Buddha smiling to greet you. You will feel warm and at ease. Clean sheets and fresh towels are available if you'd like to shower before or after. I treat each session as a conversation, so the pacing and techniques often vary. Each move I make responds to your subtle feedback, tension or slack you may not even be consciously aware of, gently floating you along into weightless relaxation.

After our session, you'll feel unwound, aligned, relaxed as well as reinvigorated, maybe even a little taller! My massage is very unique and active, and I put a lot of physical and spiritual effort into it, and a lot of care. This is not a repetitive stroking of your limbs with a bucket of oil, but rather a detailed exploration, down to every knuckle, joint and tiniest muscle, healing and awakening your whole self. Most importantly, as long as you are with me, you will be attended to with utmost care, and you will be fully respected and honored as you are:)

The love and light in me bows to the love and light in you!


PS: I know Thai massage sounds a bit foreign, so please feel free to ask questions. We can design sessions to be more relaxing or therapeutic, with more or less stretching, depending on your interests. I'm also happy to address specific concerns about injuries, mobility issues, etc.

I promise the bodywork I offer is something special and powerful, probably unlike any other Thai or western style massage you've had before. Most of my first-time clients say it's actually the best massage they've ever had! Maybe they're just being nice ;D but I really do believe I'm offering something unique to this site. Don't be intimidated by those crazy little Thai ladies in movies! You don't have to be flexible or good at yoga, and I'm not gonna stand on your spine! But this work does have the power to correct causes of pain and open your body into its healthiest state of alignment! Let's give it a whirl:D

SESSIONS: I recommend at least 90min to experience the full array of techniques, sink fully into deep relaxation, and effectively address each area of the body.


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Techniques: Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Reiki, Thai, Thai Herbal, Trigger Point

Experience: 13 years

In-studio amenities: Aromatherapy Enhanced, Drinking Water, Music, Private Restroom, Tea

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Additional services: Meditation coaching, Nutrition consulting, Personal coaching, Yoga instruction


Gathered by Can from admiring massage clients to share with you.

Dec. 01, 2018 in New York, NY (in-studio)

I've got serious neck and shoulder tightness that gives me headaches and leads to numbness in my arms when I sleep, so a massage by a masseur who knows what he's actually doing is the only thing that can give me some relief. Suffice to say Can's techniques are unparalleled. He's at the top of his profession and I haven't left a massage feeling instantly better until I found him. The word would be transformational. His Thai technique in combination with his other techniques surpassed my expectations and he easily is the best masseur I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only is he THE BEST at his craft, but his energy and kindness were added bonuses. Can is pretty much magic! Thank you ever so much Can!!

July 20, 2017 in New York, NY (in-studio)

Can is a fantastic Masseur! He takes great care in getting to know you and needs for the body. He is unhurried, and attentive to the body's needs. His Thai technique is one of the best, and I had a lot of thai massages. He has great energy and personality. Defiantly time well spent. Thank you Can!

Nov. 26, 2016 in Brooklyn, NY (mobile)

Definitely the best massage I have ever had. Can was very sweet, great vibe, awesome at his craft. Never tried Thai massage before, but the combo of stretching, acupressure, and other techniques was amazing. I had various aches and pains, but after Can was done I felt better than I had in some time. Love that there is no oil or lotion. Definitely going to try to work with Cam Twice or three times a month!

April 18, 2015 in New York, NY (in-studio)

Cam delivered an intense massage that included body-bending stretches but also gentle caresses. By the end of our session I was blissed out physically and mentally. This man is very serious about his craft. He is shyer than I expected, but was totally present for the massage. Thank you, Cam.

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