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I am now accepting new clients. With 23 years of experience I am able to create a unique blend of massage tailored specifically for you and your needs to have a great massage in one session.

Most people especially men do not realize how stressed they really are both physically and mentally. From start to finish I can help you to completely unwind and to release the stress in your muscles and help you to relax and escape from the... pressures and stressors of your daily routine.

I am highly skilled and highly specialized. I continue to work on and with Pro Athletes, Doctors, Surgeons, Chiropractors, Holistic Doctors and Herbalists. From light to deep pressure, from Swedish, Modified Sports, Trigger Point, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue and Structural and everything in-between I am the therapist for you.

Call or text to set up your customized massage session and walk away leaving your stress and tension behind you.


Based near: North 28th Dr & Cactus Peoria Phoenix, AZ 85029


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Spa-quality bodywork, tailored to you, blending a range of techniques, from Acupressure to Trigger Point

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Techniques: Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Conscious Breathwork, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Sports, Swedish, Trigger Point

Experience: 24 years

In-studio amenities: Bottled Water, Drinking Water, Free Parking, Hot Towels, Massage Table, Music

Additional services: Cupping


Jan. - Oct. 2019

Master Massage

Southwest Healing Institute of Healing Arts, Tempe, AZ


Gathered by Bruce from admiring massage clients to share with you.

April 03, 2023 in Phoenix, AZ (in-studio)

Bruce went way beyond my expectations, and boy can he deliver. Everything he says he can do he can and more. He's not one of your massage therapists that claims they can do what you ask or the depth of the pressure which they don't or can't. Bruce is the real deal.

This is my 3rd session with him, and he has been addressing my issues and not flying over it. I thought the first 2 sessions were phenomenal but this 3rd was way beyond phenomenal. What he did was something that no therapist has ever done, he thinks outside of the box and, if you tell him do whatever it takes he does it. By the 3rd rd session he was able to unlock the final muscle that was locked up from a serious car accident 10 years ago, and he was the only massage therapist that did it. I now have full range without any excruciating pain as well as no pain at all. Bruce is a miracle worker. It was an incredible experience even right down to his table. One of the most comfortable tables I have ever been on. And like in a past review it was like laying on a cloud.

July 01, 2022 in Phoenix, AZ (in-studio)

Thank you for the best massage I have ever had. After many therapist claiming to be able to deep work and not being able to back up their claims of pressure and specialties I was so frustrated of empty promises. I read a lot of therapists reviews and found that Bruce has really great reviews. I texted and he told me he was heading into session in a few minutes and he actually texted me back after his session which is always a huge plus. I started to explain everything and asked if I could call instead. We talked on the phone multiple times, over a few days. He was very friendly, extremely patient , answered all my questions and assured me he could definitely back up everything he told me.

I showed up to my appointment not really expecting anything spectacular due to all my past experiences. Boy was I ever wrong. Not only did he back up his pressure I asked for which was deep specially on my legs but his touch, techniques and specialties were nothing I had ever experienced before. Part way through the session I asked him how is it that you exactly know how to do what type of body work on me or someone else? He simply said your body has a unique story/book to tell. I listen and read the words on each page and chapter as your body narrarates your story as it unfolds while combining what you want and what your body needs at that very moment. I then asked if he could turn it into a 90 minuite and he only had tine for the 1hr I originally booked as explained he books up pretty fast and books accordingly to his appointments for the week. I booked a second appointment right away for a week out and wanted a 90 min instead of an hour. I asked him to spend more time on glutes and legs since I'm an athletic runner. I really underestimated what i had asked for based off his previous glute and leg work which was really incredible. It was more intense and focused even better than the previous session. I've already booked the next month out with Bruce. Not taking any chances of not being able to get in to see him on a weekly basis. Bruce's skills as a massage therapist is extremely high. If you are in need of a massage, never had one or thinking about one, Bruce won't disappoint.

April 08, 2022 in Phoenix, AZ (in-studio)

My previous therapist wasn't responding, kept canceling or double booking my appointments and charged a small fortune for just 1 hour. I read Bruce's reviews which are really great and I was extremly lucky he was able to get me in at at a last minute notice and doesn't charge a fortune for either a 60 minute or a 90 minute. I wasn't sure what to expect and I was really amazed. His table is one of the most comfortable tables I've been on, his techniques/styles and his pressures are spectacular. I no longer see that therapist and been seeing Bruce on a weekly basis. This was my 4th time with him. I decided to try a 90 minute not just becasue it is really affordable, but because I needed the extra work from a very stressful tense week this last visit. I left with zero stress and tension. It was the perfect evening to end very long week. I highly recommend Bruce as you next massage therapist.

Nov. 01, 2021 in Phoenix, AZ (in-studio)

I have been seeing Bruce for a year and half for my weekly massage session, and he still is the best therapist out there. He is really kind, caring and generous as he surprised me with a complimentary 30 minutes certificate that he added to my 1 hour session for my birthday. He also turned it into a hot stone massage on top of the extra 30 minutes at no additional charge. If you never had a hot stone it just adds to the whole experience and well-worth it. I highly recommend Bruce as your next massage therapist.

April 19, 2021 in Phoenix, AZ (in-studio)

I have been seeing Bruce for 15 years until he left the company he was working at to open his practice and lost touch with him 5 years ago. I just so happened to be seeing an acupuncturist in the same business complex a few days ago and ran into him. I couldn't believe my luck he has a private practice in the same complex. I immediately set an appointment with him. He was very accommodating moving a few personal things around and said he would stay to get me in after my acupuncture appointment. That alone says a lot about Bruce who puts his clients first to the best of his ability.

His sessions are indescribable and beyond words. He is kind, compassionate, friendly, funny and his massage table is the most comfortable table I have been on. His skill level is extremely high as well as his intuition, touch and pressures that are unmatched by none as I have searched and hunted for 5 years for anything half-way close and decent to his sessions. My first session with him in 5 years was even far better than when he last worked on me if that is even possible. During the session Bruce pondered something for a minute so and just like magic he created a different and unique technique out of thin air designed specifically for my body and it was incredible. To my knowledge no other therapist has done this technique and I wouldn't even begin to be able to describe it. The session ran longer than the 90 minutes, and he didn't even mind. When the session was finished I was so relaxed and all the stress in my body was gone I could hardly get up from the massage table. I booked my standing weekly session with him like I used to and now have a permanent weekly time slot. I realize that not every therapist is ment for everyone but you really need to give him a try. His rates are really great and you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Nov. 30, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ (in-studio)

It had been a while since my last massage, and I felt it was time to look for a masseur. I found Bruce's listing and was impressed with what clients were saying about him. I called him to ask a few questions. He was very professional and answered all my questions. I do not make decisions quickly, so I wanted to make sure that he was going to be the right choice. We talked a few more times, and I decided to take a leap of faith and book a session. Being that this was my first time going to his studio, I was a little nervous about finding the place and arriving on time. His instructions were perfect...I arrived early to let him know I was there. He politely told me I could wait in the seating area until the appointed time. He was exactly on time, and welcomed me into his massage room. The room was nicely decorated and Bruce made me feel immediately at ease. He asked me some basic questions and it was time to start the session. From the moment I felt Bruce's hands begin to work on me with warm oil, I knew I was in for a therapeutic session. I would have to say this is the best massage I have had the privilege to receive. Bruce is a truly gifted and intuitive masseur. He instinctively knew how much pressure to apply. I must note that the massage table was wonderfully comfortable. Also, this was the first massage where I could breathe freely without the uncomfortable feeling of being congested. I felt that Bruce's massage was healing for me in mind, body and spirit. What a blessing to find a truly gifted and caring person. I drove home and slept soundly that night. I can highly recommend this gentleman.

Oct. 04, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ (in-studio)

Bruce's sonic fusion was way beyond my expectation. Ive been seeing Bruce for stress relief massage for 7 weeks now and he is the best that phoenix has to offer. He is very friendly, easy to talk to and is a master of massage and his craft. I just wanted something relaxing light to medium pressure so I could relax, unwind and completely decompress. He did not disappoint at all. He took his time and did not rush or zip through anything like most therapist do. I didn't think it could get any better. When he introduced me to his sonic fusion it took the massage to a whole new level. It was so gentle yet so powerful I could feel it going into my muscles and surrounding area. I could actually feel my muscles and all of my tension literally melt away. He went a step further and gifted me a whole body session with it which ran 2 hours and didn't charge me for that extra time. When the session ended I felt like melted butter and like a brand new person. I now get the sonic fusion massage every week. If you haven't tried Bruce or his sonic fusion you really need to.

June 15, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ (in-studio)

Bruce is the massage whisperer. He is friendly, down to earth, easy going and above all else understanding, patent and works miracles. His hands, touch and pressures are healing, magic and has the Midas touch. He knows how to bridge and blend his styles and pressures to gibe you a truly customized session and he is beyond gifted at his craft.
If you haven't tried him yet you need to see him. I have been seeing him for over 3 months on a weekly basis.
The first session I had with him I was out of pain. First time in years. Bruce has done what no other therapist has been able to do or ever accomplish and never had any therapist do massage like him.
I have had from relaxing to very deep work and everything in-between.
I agree with his other testimony do not be fooled by his price. He is reasonably priced and defiantly needs to charge more.

Feb. 15, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ (in-studio)

Bruce is beyond amazing. He is truly gifted, has very healing/magical hands and touch. He is friendly, humble and easy going. I already had my 3rd session with him. I have had massages once a week for 15 years and i thought the massages I got ranged from just barley ok to good. Bruce's massage was the absolute best I ever had. He has been the only therapist to date that has accomplished in 1 session what no other therapist has ever done in the last 15 years. I'm not sure why other therapists don't do what he is able to do. Bruce really customized each session according to what I needed and each session was a different experience that is beyond words.
I wasn't sure how he would top his 1st session but it just keeps getting better and better with each session. He doesn't rush through anything as most therapist just breeze over and don't really address the issue or they don't know how to really address it. Bruce ran over each session and wasn't worried about the time at all. He has been throwing in (never charged for the add-ons) a little bit of fire cupping which is incredible and far better than the plastic suction cupping, some hot stone and oddly enough tuning forks which took me by surprise as it isn't really apart of a massage session. I'm here to tell you it was gentle yet went very deep to open up a major muscle issue.
I have referred 4 friends of mine to him and they absolutely love him and have re-booked with him.
Don't let his pricing fool you. Bruce truly believes that massage should really be affordable to everyone. He is worth way more than what he charges.
Thank you Bruce for everything you have done are will continue to do. You truly are gifted. I'm so glad I saw your ad.

Testimonials from before May 23, 2018 were submitted directly by clients.