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My experience and my reputation is for providing firm to deep pressure massage.

I have experienced a low profile career in the massage industry based on loyal clients and their referrals.

If you've had disappointing massage from inexperienced massage therapists, please know, that's not the experience I provide. I have helped many individuals with general soreness and pain. Whether it's chronic pain or general relaxation, I'm confident I can give you the session you need.

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Dec. 5 - 6: Sacramento, CA
Dec. 8 - 10: San Francisco, CA
Normally based in: Los Angeles, CA
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Techniques: Deep Tissue

Experience: 18 years


June 2003 - Sept. 2004

Massage Therapy

PSMT, Pittsburgh, PA


Gathered by Hud from admiring massage clients to share with you.

Nov. 16, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA (in-studio)

I can’t find any better superlatives about Hud’s bodywork than the previous reviewers. Los Angeles is the land of massage and I can’t get over the fact that this dude breezed in, totally impressed me with his deep tissue skills, and won’t be back for months.

Hud’s bodywork seriously leaves others in the dust. If you miss him in your city, you will have missed a massage that is exceptional.

July 13, 2022 in Tulsa, OK (in-studio)

I arranged for me and my partner to get massages from Hud while he was in Tulsa. Due to our schedules we had to set them up for different times of the same day. When we got home and talked, we were both pretty blown away by his technique. The reviews on him are not fiction. His work is heads above anyone that does massage in Tulsa, or any of the massage men that pass through our area. This man will always work. And for good reason. He is a master. Thank you again Hud. Please find your way back to us soon.

April 15, 2022 in Columbus, OH (in-studio)

Hud, words cannot express my thoughts.
The bodywork you performed left me in a state of disbelief. I’m not sure if you know how truly talented you are or if you’re just a humble man. I suspect it’s more the latter. I hate to get all “new agey” on you, but it is clear that massage is not just your vocation. It is your calling.

My time in your hands made me dissolve past thoughts of every bad massage that I’ve “endured” and left feeling ripped off. I’ve had too many of those to count. Your reviews are glowing, and for good reason. You’ve made me a believer and gave me hope that there may be others in the massage world like you. I wish only the best for you and look forward to seeing you again. Thank you for being flexible with my crazy schedule too. Fondly, J

Feb. 22, 2022 in Kansas City, MO (in-studio)

Seven things to know about Hud;

1.) He knows pressure and applies it evenly. Truly exceptional bodywork.
2.) He travels with his massage table. Wouldn’t have hired him otherwise.
3.) He gave substantial attention to problematic areas. For me it was my calves and glutes.
4.) He was 23 miles away from me. After experiencing his work, I would travel 50 more.
5.) He’s really good at knowing when to talk, and then letting you slip into “the zone”
6.) He had no issues or attitude with me booking my appt. last minute on the same day.
7.) He has a quiet workman like masculinity.

Hud, is the rarity amongst men that do massage. If you book him, you will have zero regret.

Nov. 30, 2021 in San Diego, CA (in-studio)

I never write reviews. But the word should get out about Hud.

I was hesitant. Hud was traveling and his table was set up in a hotel. After the massage, I thought about my experience at other my regular therapists places. Pets pawing at doors, spouses cleaning, squeaking floors above, strong cooking odors...ACK!

The hotel where he was at was actually one of the quietest and more spa like environments that I’ve been in for an independent massage therapist.

Re: the massage. Hud is at the elite level. Seriously - at the top. When he informed me that the hour was almost up, I had to have more time. Thankfully, he was able to oblige.

What Hud did in that one 90 minute session, my regular rotating massage therapists have still not figured out. Which now has me on the hunt for a better local massage therapist.

I tipped Hud 40.00 and he started looking for change. When I explained, he accepted the tip in a gracious manner. I demanded to be added to his contact sheet for when he returns.

Now I’m counting the days til he returns. :-(

July 15, 2021 in Chicago, IL (mobile)

There are many MT's on websites that have strange ideas of what massage is. I can now quickly figure out the ones that are not trained The "airhead hippy" that uses rancid oil and is full of nonstop chatter during the session doesn't work for me. Lessoned learned.

Hud, is the rare exception. He is friendly, but more importantly he listened intently to find out what I was wanting to accomplish from the session.

At first I thought he was judging me, but when we spoke after the session, he told me that he just listens to what his clients are needing so they can get the relief they need. As he explained, listening is the second most important aspect of his job. Which, duh, that's what a professional should do.

Once on the table, his skills made me forget about just about every massage I've ever had. There are not enough superlatives to describe his techniques. He read my body responses and knew when to dig in and when to ease up. Even when he was digging in to my legs and glutes, it was masterful. No pain, whatsoever.

My Low back, glutes and hamstrings had relief for a solid 3 weeks after my session. I had more mobility and felt like a revived man. Some people claim to have "a calling" for their careers. Labels don't seem to interest Hud. He's quietly masculine and to the point about his craft. He just does the work right - and man is it first rate.

Hud, If there were a Hall of Fame of Massage Therapists, you would have a place in it. I am thrilled to have found you and look forward to being on your table again soon.

Testimonials from before May 23, 2018 were submitted directly by clients.