Certified Massage Therapist

Specializing in Deep Tissue, Trigger point & Sweedish



About his bodywork

I am a University Trained Massage Therapist.
Don't Let My Affordable Prices Fool You!
Check out my reviews from satisfied clients.
When it comes to the needs of the body my hands know thier job well.

I use a great moisturizer that will leave your skin soft and hydrated. No scents, chemicals or oils.
A true full body head to toe massage experience.
I start slow and light with compression and stretching working deeper as I go to open all those tight, tense zones of built up stress.
I use manipulating stories within the muscle groups to melt away all those uncomfortable areas and return you to your day a fresh new man.
Easy parking , Great Table , Hot Shower and Clean towels await my In Call guests and my table and supplies all travel easy to you for an out call.

Call or text for quick response
2 hour advance notice is best for stress free booking.

About Him

I learned the benefits of massage hands on, by getting some fantastic ones myself.
I decided to seek Prof. training so I could perfect my talents in the art of touch.
I truely enjoy what l do and my clients feel the difference.
Ive worked for Spa's and Resorts and l now have a private clientel. Over the past 8 years since l graduated with honors here in Los Angeles for Massage Therapy, I have worked to perfect my own personal style of bodywork that clients recognize as superior to most.
I take my time my strokes are long and fluid.
Experience the differance yourself today.


In-studio 90 min. $80.00
Your location 90 min. $100.00


Near melrose ave & fairfax ave
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Outcalls within 5 miles