Jimmy Lloyd, CMT


About his bodywork

Exclusively in Palm Springs ...

Judy may be long gone but, Palm Springs still has the WIZARD Of AHHHHHHS ...

My name is Jimmy Lloyd ... I have worked as a Certified Massage Therapist in Palm Springs since 1994. I spent most of my career working for the major Resort-Spas. I now prefer to do only M4M Massage. Yes, I am Gay, but most of my clients are Straight.

I have combined my more than 1000 CERTIFIED HOURS of Training in soothing, stress-reducing, Swedish and Therapeutic Sports Massage with Body Electric Massage and the MAGIC of my hands and HOT OIL and over 20 years of practice, to create what I refer to as ...


This is so much more than just another Massage, this is an an EXPERIENCE. Better than you thought it could be. While my hands work their MAGIC, I allow the HOT OIL to flow freely. It feels AWESOME as the heat melts away your TENSION, allowing the muscles to RELAX ... and it REHYDRATES your skin. A refreshing shower is offered before you return to the REAL world.

Massage EFFECTS every system in your body ... It helps the body HEAL itself.

Remember the massage is ALL about YOU. It is all about ALLOWING yourself to RELAX and RECEIVE ... the THERAPY Of TOUCH ... Something all men DESERVE. Each session is adapted to YOUR personal comfort level and needs.

I work on a very RELAXING massage table in a PRIVATE and COMFORTING environment in central Palm Springs. Within less than 2 miles of the airport, Warm Sands area or Palm Canyon Drive. Less than 1 mile from the Spa Casino or convention center.

Please allow plenty of time ... My work averages more than 1.5 hours ... I DON'T WATCH THE CLOCK ... The In Studio rate is still only $100.00 ... Available any day or time by advance appointment. Most clients can be seen with at least an hours notice.

Sorry, NO Texts ...TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ... PLEASE PHONE ... 760-864-9993 ...

Thank you, Jimmy Lloyd, CMT

About Him

Born and raised in Orange County, CA.

After graduating HS at 17, I joined the Navy.
as a Corpsman I spent most of my enlistment stationed at Camp Pendleton. I later attended Arizona State University. I was even a "frat brat" .... and dated sorority girls. I also worked at Disneyland.

Yes, I am Gay ... but, most of my clients are Straight. Discretion always assured. You know your curious, it's only natural.


In-studio 90 min. $100.00


Near East Amado Road & North Saturmino Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262