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With each of our sessions we guarantee a discretion. It's a cornerstone of our practice. We want you to feel as relaxed as possible while you are here.

Our style is very similar to the very popular Esalen massage that has been sweeping the area by storm. For those who have not tried Esalen massage, it's a massage that features long, slow, and deep strokes across the entire body. Working your energy and stress across your body. Every session features a scalp massage and spinal alignments that are guaranteed to get you feeling 110% better.

During every session with our clients we try to ask questions and really find out what makes you relax the most. We work hard to deliver exactly exactly the bodywork that you need to feel amazing. With nearly 15 years of experience between us, we know how to make every man feel brand new.

About Him

Wallace began his career in massage therapy working for clinics and hospitals under chiropractors and physical therapists. Using his training, he approaches the body in a very scientific and medical way. Focusing on repairing the body and aligning the spine properly.

Caleb began his career in the salon and clinic setting. Focusing on using his training to relax the body and heal the soul. Caleb uses his skills and aromatherapy training to really help every client that he finds on his table.

Wallace and Caleb have worked together for three years now. They know how to work your body both together and apart. Their flexible expertise makes it easy for them to assure your satisfaction every time.


Spa Services
Men's Facials 40 min. $60.00
Men's Full-Body Grooming 40 min. $60.00
Men's Full-Body Scrub 45 min. $70.00
Massage Therapy
Two-Handed Sessions 60 min. $120.00
90 min. $160.00


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