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About his bodywork

My name is Walter, and massage has been my passion and hobby for over 4 years. I specialize in male for male massage for all men, gay, straight, bisexual or any other designation. It's all about the human connection and energy flow. I work the full body or can focus on the areas needing the most attention.

I am a certified and professionally trained masseur with SKILLED hands and elbows.

A masseur for over 4 years, I have a lot of experience in the bodywork field. I consider myself an equal to some of the best bodyworkers this city has to offer, as I've experienced much of their work!

My massages are the combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue, with stretching and basic reflexology techniques that are customized to meet the needs of each client. The environment create is professional, safe and relaxing.

My sessions are restricted to professional work only in all areas clients feel tension, pain, or restricted movement. I also focus on general work for relaxation and overall healthy body and spirit promotion.

My Outcall rates for Therapeutic Massage are $100 for 60 minutes or $150 for 90 minutes.
My Incall rates for Therapeutic Massage are $100 for 60 minutes or $200 for 120 minutes.
Minimum is 60 minutes session. Maximum is up to 180 minutes session.

Incalls are available in a convenient Chelsea location now.
If you looking for Incall, please schedule an appointment in advance.

Please do me 3 big favor;
Use only text messages to schedule.
Do not ask me for photos.
After session leave a testimonial.

Discounts available for regular customers.

For questions, additional information and details text:

About Him

I 'm an outgoing and friendly New York import. I've lived in the city over 6 years, and the city and multiple communities have taken me in warmly. I'm passionate about fitness, workout, yoga and meditation.

As a masseur, I have been surprised time and again at how enjoyable it's been for me to see my clients benefit from my work. The rewards are for both of us are apparently mutual for me.

My first-time customers are surprised by the strength that comes through me. It’s all about my technique, experience and skills.

I am 6'0” and 150 lbs athletic man with very strong hands. My regular workouts at the gym, training in yoga and meditations also contributes to the quality of my massage work. I am very aware of bringing flow and balance to each session.


Your location 60 min. $100.00
90 min. $150.00
In-studio 60 min. $100.00
90 min. $150.00
120 min. $200.00


Near West 27th Street & 7th ave
New York, NY 10001
Outcalls within 50 miles