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About his bodywork

Hello and welcome - Massages lovers!
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Do you respond to Art or High energy, body dance, or Nude Yoga? Are you sensitive to masculine, touching, holding, and hugging.  Do you want to explore and open yourself up to an experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced? 
‘Body,Mind&Spirit meditation, all together and separate...’
The more positive emotions in your life, the less negative emotions pull you down.

My name is Misha, and I offer one of the most creative and unique massages in the world: @rtbodylove👌- World Class Massage.

I’m an authentic, kind, caring, and friendly man who happens to be insanely hot and extremely good energy, with a innovate massage technique that is both relaxing AND incredibly creative at the same time.

@rtbodylove - is an extraordinary massage for Gay, Straight or Bi men (and also for women).  I give the best male massage around, using my exclusively developed technique that is more than just my hands:  I use all of my body, plus my mind and my spirit, in ways that will transport you to new levels of consciousness and pleasure.

Everything about this experience centers upon us being happy together and exchanging energy.
This technique can impact aspects of your life. Based on the living dynamics of our Human Energy-Consciousness System and its relationship to the greater world, this method can transform a client’s life into balance, enlightenment. The unique method of activating vital energy...

I will paint your skin with my soft fingertips  

Try a 90-minute, 75-minute, or 60-minute session today.  Gay, bi-curious, straight, and students all welcome to explore.  

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I look forward to connecting with you!

About Him

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“OK. Here's the thing. If you want an out of body or feeling The unique method of activating vital energy then this is it!! Don't miss out!”
What I’m feeling for what I’m doing....."Commit yourself to something bigger than yourself - a case that you think is more important than your personality. Until a man obsessed with himself, he is able to survive and the enormous potential that he has, can not find opportunities for expression. History shows that ordinary people become extraordinary when inspired by the idea that transcends their identity”.....
NEW FEELING!!! 1) 4 HANDS AVAILABLE, 2) @rtbodylove master class training 3) Shave, Shower body scrub ASK ME FOR DETAILS!!!!
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In-studio 30 min. $80.00
60 min. $140.00
75 min. $180.00
90 min. $220.00
120 min. $300.00
Your location 60 min. $180.00
75 min. $225.00
90 min. $260.00

Travel schedule

  • Jan. 13 - 17: Boston, MA