Touch of the Wild

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About his bodywork

OUT OF COUNTRY (2/26-3/10)
Life in The City can be stressful. This is your opportunity to to have an experienced masseur alleviate the tension accumulated throughout the week. Specializing in compression and deep tissue massage, I will search your body, head-to-toe to find the spots in need of attention. As my fingers, hands, and arms grace your tired muscles, you may discover the hiding places of stress within your own body. Focusing on your breathing, it is unnecessary (but welcomed) for you to speak, as your body will tell me all I need to know. As any sentient being knows: Life is short, so treat yourself to the healing touch of someone who cares. Now available all day Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday!

About Him

OUT OF COUNTRY (2/26-3/10)
I am a fit/toned, healthy, 28 year old biologist. I have worked with a variety of wildlife including primates, canids, bats, sea turtles, and birds. When strapped for cash in college, my need for travel resulted in a number of hitchhiking adventures around North America. One trip, I hitched from the Bay Area to Florida, just to see an alligator in the Everglades. Another summer I ventured out only to find myself in Alaska, licking glaciers, photographing grizzlies, and backpacking in Denali. The last trip I made, I hitched, sailed, cruised, bussed, and ferried my way to Africa. For this Animalman, no adventure is off the table.


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