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Hey guys thank you for visiting my profile. I'm back in Austin for the winter and spring.

Really enjoy working with my bare hands and being physically active. Been doing massage full time a little over ten years. It's been a great learning experience. I have also changed through the years and had the discipline of massage as a means to grow, learn and have fun. I look forward to the next decade.

I enjoy working on all types of men in various life stages and being a male I feel I can understand and know what its like to be in my clients shoes. I work to create a natural space for enjoyment and relaxation to occur. I feel its a collaboration of M4M massage. I know modern life can be hectic and stressful with constant bombardment and people can get very disconnected from everything. So massage is a great way to slow down and connect with yourself and your experience as a human being. I really enjoy doing massage, when I stop for awhile I miss it. I love communicating through touch and enjoy the physical aspect of it.

I try to give my best and take care of myself so that I can provide a relaxing, healthy experience. And over the years it's nice to work on people you care about and establish a nice connection and respect. That's the ideal. I give a lot to my work and get a lot back. I always try and tried to treat people well and be straightforward and I think people appreciate that about me. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

About Him

I was playing college tennis when I got my first professional massage. I decided college wasn't for me and massage school was.

I went to massage school in Baltimore in 2004 and from there I worked in DC a few years. Decided to move to Miami for the weather, a change and mostly so I could play tennis every day. I love traveling and change so doing massage is a perfect job for me. Massage has been my education of myself and taken me so many places and across so many people's path, so I am very grateful for that. After Miami came Austin and Austin has really been my favorite city and best fit for me.

My outlook on life is influenced a lot by my experience. Try to stay in balance but I think I'm just like everybody, subject to all the same things and forces.

Have many hobbies, played tennis most of my life, reading and writing, music and traveling.


Outcall 60 min. $150.00
Incall 60 min. $120.00


Based in Austin, TX 78704
Outcalls within 25 miles