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About his bodywork

In my massages I like to combine many therapeutic modalities, such as deep tissue, trigger point and Reiki energy work to give you a very individualized massage experience I have over five hundred hours of advanced training beyond the basic (CMT) certifcation so I can draw on a large number of tools to address your particular problems. I particularly like to use stretches throughout the session so the body opens up to the deeper more focused work. Since stetches work best when combined with focused breath work, we will begin the massage in most cases with a short period of breath work. I also do a considerable amount of sideline work which is particularly important for those who find it uncomfortable to lay in the face down position or place their face in the head cradle for any period of time. It is important that all techiques be well-integrated and applied gradually and progressively throughout the massage at a pressure you find comfortable. Please advise me of an chronic aches and pains you might be having or more serious health issues that need to be considered so that I can plan the perfect massage for you I work on a heated table, in a special room dedicated to the massage. The room is dimly lit for your relaxation and I play soft classical music or I can put on any number of playlists of your choosing. You may shower both before and after a session. I enjoy working on all kinds of clients and body types, young and old. Please advise me of any permanent disabilities you might have that has placed you on a limited income so that I can consider making the massage more affordable for you.

I recently had to move my practice from 14th and Dolores to a house near 30th and Mission because of a fire on the roof of my apartment building. This new location is readily accessible by numeours bus/train lines and is a walkable distance from the 24th street Bart stop. Please let me advise you on the best way to reach me from your location.

About Him

I try to approach each massage with a great deal of humility. If there is one thing I have learned after giving hundreds of massages it is that the therapist can only be a facilitator. The body always wants to heal itself and we can only guide it there.

I have now worked for about 13 years in the massage industry after a career in the high tech industry. I began my career as a writer and journalist. I also do some blogging. After getting my basic massage training and certification locally, I took hundreds of advanced training hours in order to create the toolkit of modalities I knew I would need to handle any client's needs .


In-studio only 60 min. $90.00
90 min. $120.00
120 min. $150.00


Near Valencia & Mission
San Francisco, CA 94110