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About his bodywork

One of the biggest secrets of Massage: Neither I, nor the therapist you choose, can actually release the tension for you. We simply show you where you're holding, and maybe why or how. Then together, by both of us being present and you feeling beyond the pain, create flow where there was once a blockage.

Many, if not most therapists, will treat the tension on purely a physical level. And like a very few of these therapists, I can release tension on a physical level with extraordinary depth and skills. Massage is my PASSION and my ART!!!

I the tension through a combination of deep tissue, Triggerpoint, Fascia Unwinding, Sports, BodyBalance, Swedish, and Esalen based general relaxation techniques. At the same time remaining open to any new stroke that may present itself during your massage . . . intuition

On a physical level, my work is about helping you to bring your body back into balance, helping you feel your body and feel at home in it once again. The work often focuses on re-aligning the head, neck and shoulders, and the low back and hips. I work slow and detailed, holding points, giving you time to feel and release the tension. Ten years of professional experience along with continueed work with chiropractors aide in giving me a great base from which to address your needs.

Through years of work, I have found that often there is a mental, emotional, or spiritual aspect to the physical holding. With intention and a willingness and desire to be present, one can release tension or blocks in all bodies - the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spritual/subtle bodies. This creates a deeper more lasting release and perhaps a more transformational experience. When you get a massage from me, you are being worked on all levels.

Ideally your massage will be in conjuntion with other forms of self-care. If not, perhaps it will be the spark you need to initiate a new routine. If you so desire, I can help you with strengthening and stretching or flexibility exercises. These will help you maintain, for a longer period, the results we attain in our work together.

Although I am a gay male Bodyworker/Massage therapist specializing in m4m massage, my services are offered to all. I openly welcome men and women and those in-between.

When you are ready to let go, ready to release pain and tension, I am here waiting to assist.

About Him

When I am not working doing massage, I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching NetFlix, silent meditation retreats with Adyashanti and Ammachi "The Hugging Saint", Burning Man, "walking" scuplture and art, the gym, and offering love in the form of home-cooked food.


In-studio 60 min. $110.00
90 min. $150.00


Near 14th St & Market St
San Francisco, CA 94114
Outcalls within 10 miles