California-Trained Bodyworker


About his bodywork

I'm a professional bodyworker, trained and certified in California, with twenty years' full-time experience, both healing and relaxing.

Please see my editorial reviews below.

When someone comes to me with muscle pain, I employ deeper, assuaging methods within a person’s comfort range, sometimes involving eastern techniques. When a client comes to me for stress relief or just to relax, I have always found that a slowed-down, familiar European-style session works best.

To relieve stress, I use slow, rhythmic strokes that soothe and calm, combined with focused ones that reach into every fiber to dissolve tension points. The pressure can be soothing, or it can be strong, even intense, depending on your preference. However, I find that most people like a firm, middle pressure, which steadily relaxes them.

I live and work in Greenwich Village, the picturesque heart of Manhattan. It’s superbly located, easy to find, close to everything. I do only incalls, only in my own bodywork studio, because my table and all the professional setup I need are there. That’s where I do my best, in a clean, safe, healthy, and peaceful environment.

Clients tell me again and again that I have the gift of touch. More than 85% of my sessions are repeat.

Please contact me by phone or text (212-255-9473) instead of email if you want a prompt response.

My bodywork has been reviewed multiple times in lifestyle articles in New York City resources and events magazines.

"Ted, one of the city's best bodyworkers." "Helping Hands," NEXT Magazine, 23 January 2009, p. 24.

"Known throughout the city as just Ted, he has built up a hefty clientele in New York—as well as around the world—in his years of practice. Over 85 percent of his business comes from repeat clients, many of whom have been seeing him since he began. He spent the early '90s training in California before setting up shop full-time in his Greenwich Village studio, a rather beautiful one. Ted's techniques rely on his uncanny ability to relax the body and rid it of stress. . . . all the more reason to make an appointment!" Ryan Doyle, "Diff'rent Folks For Diff'rent Strokes," HX Magazine, 12 January 2007, p.54.

"This master bodyworker can tailor his trademark technique to suit any body's needs. Walk out of his studio and feel like you've just been on vacation from all your stress." "Ted's Bodywork," NEXT Magazine, 5 June 2009, p. 17.

"a man who contains multitudes, a certified professional. It's obvious he loves what he does. He has built a solid base of repeat customers." Jason Bogdaneris, "Lay Your Hands On Me," The L Magazine, June 25-July 8, 2003, p. 82.

Please contact me by phone or text (212-255-9473) instead of email if you want a prompt response.


In-studio 60 min. $100.00
90 min. $120.00


Near West 10th Street & Greenwich Avenue
New York, NY 10014