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About his bodywork

TAKE NOTICE: In general I do not host, sorry! But get in touch, sometimes it works out.

I'm looking to create a very relaxing experience, free of unspoken assumptions. Transparency and communication are key. I've been doing m4m massage for five + years mostly in Europe and NYC. My massage practice is a combination of stretching, swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and thai massage. We start out with no lotion or oil, and after about twenty minutes oil is introduced and broad strokes take over. Intermittently focused pressure points are integrated for specific tension areas like the neck, shoulders, lower back and legs. It's helpful to know where you are at as a body because it guides the parameters of the session.

If you are comfortable or interested I can also do movement sessions where we pretty much stretch, move and dance to some kind of music. A little yoga goes well with this too. I find this line of my practice to be the most interesting and direct. Movement versus laying inert on a bed is really the best way to relax and let go of tension. Not to mention fun. We could even merge body work and movement into one session. I have been dancing professionally for over a decade and can support you in exploring dance. A lot of people have fear around expressive movement, but hopefully once we meet you'll see there is nothing to be afraid of.

I currently do not have a table as mine just broke, but if you happen to have one then that is ideal. Otherwise mats work well too with pillow supports to protect the neck.

It works best if you contact me with a little bit of notice. Last minute appoints are often not possible.

Looking forward to meeting. Thanks for reading.

About Him

Poor guy from the hills. Went to three prestigious universities, and dropped out of each one. Didn't take the bait, learned a lot tho. I do massage because I am good at it and it allows me the time to ask questions and look for the answers: In search of my own rhythms. I am an artist working in dance/performance, printmaking, photography, music and horticulture. Well traveled. I look for respect, kindness and humor wherever I go.


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