My Eyes Don't C U, My Hands Feel U!

Bodywork Beyond the Rest



About his bodywork

Looking for that elusive massage that you dream about but never get? Well look no further. My massage is quite different as I have no set sequence that I follow. I develop my massage as I touch your body and my hands tell me what state your muscles and energy are in, Since I am a gay blind man and receive no visual clues all the information I get is through my hands and of course, what you tell me.

I incorporate various techniques into my bodywork and meld it into an experience that you will walk away from totally relaxed and floating. I have recently added reflexology and reiki into my Repertoire to rave reviews from my clients. If you need and want that combination of nurturing relaxation and energy alignment in a safe friendly Environment please check me out.

Both men and women alike speak highly of my gift I give to each one of them during the session.

Allow me the honor to give you the massage honoring experience that your body craves.

If you have any questions just drop me a line or text. Hopefully feel you soon!

About Him

I am a totally blind individual. My hands are my eyes in the physical realm, and my third eye is my connection to your energy field, and is how I deriv all the information about what is happening in your skeletal muscular system and my third eye tells me the energetic information. I do not get caught up in the visual aspects of massage. All information about your muscles I perceive through my hands. Because of my blindness I am much more in-tune to the subtle messages your muscles and energy are manifesting. I ask your body to reveal its problems and needs to my hands and internal vision so I can help you heal. I am very intuitive and tend to zero in on issues extremely quickly.
My knowledge of anatomy allows me to really understand the issues happening in your body.I enjoy my work and gain satisfaction when I am able to improve people's lives by removing pain, muscular issues and blocked or low vibrational energy.

I am a licensed mMassage Therapist as well as A Reiki Master Practitioner.

Massage Technique Certifications
Hawaiian Sacred Temple Lomi Lomi
Upledger Institute Cranial Sacral
Upper and Lower Body Trigger Point
Myofascial Release
Ki Dong
Zen Shiatsu
Hot Stone
Table Top Thai
Reiki and Energy Clearing/Realignment.


In-studio 90 min. $125.00
120 min. $150.00
Out call 90 min. $175.00
Out calls 120 min. $200.00


Near Route 1 & Postal Lane
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
Outcalls within 5 miles