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About his bodywork

Relaxing, Professional, Skilled Massage in Suffolk County. A true massage experience that will leave you feeling like a new person. My skill is matched by my ability to find those areas that need attention but will also induce a deep state of relaxation. I use a combination of European/Swedish, and Hawaiian style with deep tissue and sport technique. Each session is a unique work of art, tailored to you, your areas of need, individual preferences to pressure and depth, and general focus (relaxation, muscle tension, pain relief, or emotional/energetic balancing). I don't have a preset routine that I just follow, Instead I intuitively listen to your body as I work. I have seemless synchronicity, rhythm and flow to my technique that really enhances the session. I am very confident in the work that I do and my massage sessions are truly healing and relaxing and I put my heart and soul into each session. I have had excellent training and am licensed in NY. My sessions are held in my private home office/studio with beautiful spa like massage rooms, clean sheets and towels, a heated tables, relaxing music, candles, and atmosphere. There is plenty of parking and it is a quiet safe community. I am right off the LIE and very easy to get to. I use only professional massage and skin products. I am a down to earth, easy going, sensitive, caring, non-pretentious, man skilled in the art of massage and helping you relax and de-stress. The focus of practice is male massage but I have plenty of experience working with female clients as well as neonatal massage. Understanding the body and the areas of tension, emotional holding, wounding, and how we carry stress is a focus of my technique. As men we rarely give ourselves permission to just be and let go, always trying to get ahead, be successful, work hard and be strong. This is a non judgmental place where you can come to just be and relax and let go and be present in a healing Sanctuary. I work on both straight and gay male clients. Whether you lead a busy life and just need to distress, are active in a sport or workout routine and need specific areas worked or just want to recharge your batteries, this is the place for you. There is a shower should you need to use it before or after a session. (You should be freshly showed before every session - it helps you relax and ensure the skin is clean for a massage). Once you come in I'll show you the bathroom if you need to use the facilities or shower and then we will review areas that you feel need focus or areas you prefer to avoid (ie-feet, face, recent surgery, etc.). Make sure you advise me of any allergies or recent surgeries, injuries or health issues you feel I should know. Then I will give you time to settle in or ask questions before we start the session. I use professional massage cream (Soma Silk) that absorbs very well into the skin and does not leave you feeling greasy afterward. It is UNscented unless you request us to use an aromatherapy product (which I have several to choose from). I also offer gift certificates for that special someone in your life or as a great gift for a friend. If you never had a massage before then now is the time! It's normal to be nervous setting up and working with someone the first time but I assure you that once here you we be at ease and relaxing in no time. After a session you will wonder why you waited so long!!

About Him

Avid outdoor/nature guy. I enjoy hiking, gardening, working out and reading. Licensed massage therapist so i am educated and trained in the art of massage and also have a Masters Degree. I enjoy diversity and the many paths of spirituality.


Incall 60 min. $90.00
90 min. $120.00
In-studio 120 min. $190.00


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