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About his bodywork

Receiving touch is one of the most pleasant sensations that a person can experience. My clients are treated with discretion and an open, non-judgmental, and honest environment that provides the recipient of the massage with one of the most relaxing and fulfilling experiences that a person can have. I use my skill and knowledge to customize my massage towards your specific needs.

Here's the perfect opportunity to experience the relaxation that can be brought to you by a skilled professional with years of experience and passion for their craft.

I maintain a very diverse clientele which encompasses people from all walks of life. Houston fluctuates between 3rd and 4th largest city in America, along with the largest port in America. Houstons large size and economy brought me here from Florida. I have years of experience in massage. I am very flexible with time to work around business, vacation, and travel schedules. Houston is also a destination for many business travelers, also known as "Road Warriors". These business professionals who are subjected to the stresses of work, travel and being on the road, often. Road warriors turn to massage as a recommended way to relieve these encumbrances. Another large portion of my clients are athletes and avid gym enthusiasts. Those who frequent the gym, subject their muscles to a lot of inflammation and tension. Massage is the most recommended relief to tired and achy muscles and to help release toxins built up during a strenuous workout. Let me get you on my table so that relief and relaxation can be brought your way.

Please inquire regarding scheduling an appointment. My schedule is extremely flexible in order to accommodate your needs. I have my own massage table with fresh linens, I provide oils or lotions along with ambient music. Book with me so that you can experience what true dedication and passion for massage are all about!

About Him

My name is Joseph, I a 32 year old professional male. I have an extensive resume in the medical field including EMT, phlebotomy, and histology. I decided after years in the medical field to blaze my own path. I have been doing massage for a little over 5 years now. My previous medical training aids me in my massage and allows me to provide you with a higher quality experience. My personal life is very calm and I live a balanced lifestyle. I keep very active with outdoor activities. I believe things should be done with passion and dedication to be done correctly.


In-studio 60 min. $75.00
90 min. $110.00


Near Elm drake ln & Deerbrook park blvd
Humble, TX 77338