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About his bodywork

I am a Certified Massage Therapist with a vast knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology and an expert in Deep Tissue. Every massage is uniquely tailored for each of my clients. Depending on your needs, I may incorporate various forms of bodywork including trigger point therapy, reflexology, sports and movement therapy, and stretching. I highly recommend 90 to 120 minutes because we can achieve immediate and optimal results. My clients range from triathlon athletes to people who work on a computer all day. The majority of my business comes from repeat clients and referrals. Getting a massage with me is a journey. I am more to my clients than just a massage therapist, I consider myself a healer and a friend. I am an intuitive, compassionate professional who loves helping people.

I believe the relationship between the body and mind is important for preserving optimal health and wellness. Whether we experience physical or emotional injury, the trauma can manifest in specific points in the body. This can cause various forms of pain and discomfort. Injuries can limit range of motion, and ultimately throw us out of balance. I have a comprehensive understanding of body psychology. The relationship between the body and mind is fascinating. I can bring awareness to your body by helping you return to balance. This involves very intentional releasing of the trauma by breaking down various scar tissue buildup and blockages and increasing flow. My massage sessions are very therapeutic and invigorating. I love what I do. Even after many years massage continues to bring me joy.

I reside in the highland park area. Please feel free to contact me about setting up an appointment.

About Him

I’m a 6” 1’ 32 born in San Diego with 12 years massage experience. Both of my parents are licensed acupuncturists and have been in holistic health most of their lives. I love working on the male body. My personal belief is that life is always about growth and improvement. Whether working construction and home improvement, improving the health and wellness of myself and others, or simply learning from life’s mistakes… it’s all about moving forward.

I had a magnetic draw to the bodywork field. It just felt right. I started massage school right after high school. and have been staying relevant with new courses and techniques to always provide my clients with the best care possible. The ability to help people overcome barriers through bodywork is a true blessing. My old schools motto was "healer heal thyself." At the time I did not understand it, but now it makes perfect sense. Overcoming my own challenges made me humble, grateful, and more-than-willing to continue my personal growth and self-improvement. I work daily on trying to be authentic in all that I do. In addition to surfing, I enjoy biking, swimming, running and weight training. I can honestly say that most of my days are spent experiencing joy and laughter. Today the thing that brings me the greatest pleasure is the relationship I have with myself. Being right with my creator is the ultimate goal.


In-studio 60 min. $80.00
90 min. $120.00
120 min. $160.00


Near South juniper ave & 2nd ave
Escondido, CA 92027
Outcalls within 50 miles