Rod Cain Massage Therapy

Experienced Deep Tissue Specialist


About his bodywork

A Burlington Vermont deep tissue therapist, Rod Cain is known for his deep tissue, structural realignment work, clients seek out his skills as a gentle and effective means of soft tissue manipulation-- activating meridian lines and pressure points while lengthening and soothing muscle fibers. His techniques are a combination of many massage modalities which increase detoxification, circulation, joint flexibility and cellular regeneration while decreasing chronic muscle pains/spasms and fatigue. Deep work is very therapeutic but everyone's limit differs. Rod 'listens' intuitively with his hands to control depth of pressure, delivering an experience of body awareness and rejuvenation. As a member of the gay community, he has many gay male clients, however he works with all humans.

Rod is a gay massage therapist, therapeutically trained and a 1991 graduate of the Florida School of Massage, Gainesville. His client base includes men and women of all ages.

About Him

Rod is a 1991 graduate of the Florida School of Massage and currently practices in New York City and Burlington, Vermont. Rod has also worked and traveled in Europe, Canada and Central America. He is a father of a teenage son.


In-studio 60 min. $75.00
90 min. $100.00


Based in Burlington, VT 05401