Passionate Pierre: until January 28

male massage unlike anything you've experienced before. Read my amazing reviews!



About his bodywork

Come see me for massage before I fly away until next year!

My upscale luxury location is in the most convenient part of town and totally private: an oasis of peace and inspiration above the working city.

I hope you like my fresh new January pictures, as always, no photoshop. See me just as I am right now waiting for you, authentic, fresh and ready!


This is a unique style of gay male massage, it is unlike anything you have experienced before: rooted in eastern practices (Reiki, Shiatsu...), and using a delicate m4m approach, I offer a beautiful connection where your senses will be all open, and you will feel safe in the same time. Its very progressive, ying and yang constantly shifting... After that, all your being will be back in balance for days.

Soft natural light, music, aromatherapy... I offer 1h, and 90min sessions for men. Contact me with all your questions!


" I am a touring artist and a competing athlete. Male massage is my passion. Being touched in life is vital, and I believe it is my purpose to touch the ones who need it. I always take this special time preparing myself for you, because I want to provide a truly special service of kindness and creativity, everyday!
I am also a healthy, joyful giving gay man who takes the most natural care of his perfect clean body! My energy is always wholesome, non-toxic. And I love what I do very much!"

"Your massage is really special and different", "this is like a dance, you work very hard, you must be exhausted" "you look just like your pictures, but even better", "how do you keep so fit", "no masseur touched me like this before"

Pierre's Stats: 6ft / 160lbs/ 33 years old

About Him

Pierre is from Europe. He lives in complete nature in a beautiful Island in the Andaman Sea where he dedicates himself to his other work and passion. He tours in the US once a year to offer you his unique energy.

Pierre has a deep and beautiful background : from being a professional musician, then a boxer-fighter, Massage changed his life.

His relationship to the body and the soul is complex and passionate. You may appreciate his original and unique gay male massage, and you will be delighted by his extreme, giving ways and his love for life.


In-studio 45 min. $100.00
60 min. $130.00


Near 8th Ave & West 22nd street
New York, NY 10011