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Thank you for checking out my ad. I am a bodyworker, yoga instructor, and athlete. I am happy to provide bodywork for men; gay, bi or straight, who desire soothing relaxation and muscle tension release in the hands of an experienced and intuitive practitioner.

Just like rough stones in a raging river or sharp coral on the shoreline of a pounding sea, the stiffness and rigidity of the body is smoothed out with consistency and repetitive motion. Working out the knots methodically--with stretching, warmth, and vibration--the circulation in the body improves restoring health and the overall sense of well-being. The techniques I use are Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian-style) which is characterized by long and flowing strokes utilizing the belly of the forearm and elbow. In addition to a sports-style approach which makes use of the hands to work deep into the tissue, separating muscle fibers, and creating space and greater flexibility. Combining the two styles accomplishes an overall satisfying experience meeting the bodies design for ease and function.

The nature of bodywork is a restorative practice which addresses the body beginning and expanding beyond the physical plane. The emotional, ecstatic, and psycho-spiritual bodies are interrelated. To have a safe place for creative expression reveal a dynamism that is carried into every aspect of life. Connecting breath with movement, exercising gratitude and compassion, and having an authentic connection give rise to the potentially to experience a place of awesome wonder and momentary bliss.

I have a comfortable and private massage studio located in Ballard. A quality table, fresh linens, soft music, ambient lighting, and off-street parking help create a tranquil and inviting environment for your bodywork experience.

I look forward to hearing from you.

About Him

I enjoy travel, physical activities: swimming, biking, running--- nature, natural health, meeting new people and discovering the joys and intrigue that the world offers. I am a small town guy from Salt Lake City, have also lived or spent time living in Hawaii, Alaksa, and Arizona.


In-studio 60 min. $150.00
90 min. $240.00


Based in Seattle, WA 98117