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About his bodywork

Yes Who am I? I am professional masseur. “Amazing Massage by Peter”.
In a modern life, challenges and obstacles are often happening in your life that you have to deal with and struggle to overcome. However, Some people can overcomes,some others cannot.
Even thought, you can or cannot, you have suffered from stress and tenses more or less.
As you should know, stress is the root that causes depression and leads you to suffer of depressive disorder. Therefore, You need to have relaxation to release and remove stress by relaxation massage
Yes Who am I? I am professional masseur. “Amazing Massage by Peter”.
With my relaxation massage, you will get benefits such as
- Release stress,
- Lowering blood pressure,
- Reduction in muscle tension and relief of tension headaches,
- Improvement the skin tone elastin and appearance.
- Rebalance the body, energize the immune system and improve harmony.
With my relaxation massage technique, I use my hands and my feet to massage gentle on the whole your body from head to toes.
Plus, with my acupressure’s technique of therapy of point acupuncture (Reflexology) on your face ,neck, and your head. Then the symptom of headaches, sinus, and stress will be release and healing.
Specially, with my acupressure reflexology touching will make you feel real good in every nerve and muscle like a “ River flows in you”.
Therefore, Taste and see the goodness of the" Amazing Massage by Peter".

About Him

I am an experienced masseur with five year massage in Thai-shiatsu and oriental styles.
As you may know, I came from the family that lives in this career from couple of generations of massage. Plus, My great-grand Father, my father touch me about human body nerves systems to acupressure, and acupunctures, and how to train people take meditation, and Zen.
I love work out to keep my body in good shape.I go to gym three time a week. I Love spa and sauna.
I choose a healthy food, drinks, and nutrition.
I Love nature and animals, planting, and Gardening also.
My Hobbies are photography and videography.


In-studio 60 min. $120.00
90 min. $180.00
120 min. $220.00
Your location 60 min. $150.00
90 min. $220.00
120 min. $280.00


Near MacArthur Blvd & Highway 183
Irving, TX 75062
Outcalls within 25 miles