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About his bodywork

If you've never had a massage which awakens your senses, the time is now. My massages are designed around what I always wanted in a therapeutic male massage. I take it a step further and engage all of you. I work individually on parts while keeping the whole body engaged. It's Swedish type massage with a lighter, more relaxing flair. My technique which finds knots, works them, then slips from light to slight touch, rewards the senses. It weaves between relaxation and stimulation like a masterpiece of music would build up and break down. This weaving, dancing, meeting and uniting of polar energies will bring a fulfilling sense of completeness and a deep sense of peace.
My home studio is classy, on a quiet street, plenty of parking in a beautiful part of Portland.

About Him

i trained with several mentors and have been practicing for 4 years. I'm a SGM, 5"6'14"2, and pretty furry. I was married for years so can relate to the desire to be touched by another man. Most of my clients are married or bi or curious or....please don't be nervous or shy.
Guys really dig my rubs, I hope you'll give me a try.


Massage Therapy
In-studio 60 min. $100.00
90 min. $150.00
Spa Services
Manscaping 15 min. $40.00


Based in Portland, ME 04101