About his bodywork

I am a bisexual Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in massage therapy for gay, bi and straight men. I'm a graduate of the Swedish Institute in New York. I specialize in deep tissue/sports style massage integrating m4m massage to help you renew your energy, revitalize your body/mind, and relieve stress and pain. I'm located in a quiet, secure building in the East Village of Manhattan where your comfort, privacy and cleanliness are paramount. For In calls, I work on a table using organic coconut oil; and integrating other elements into the massage such as aromatherapy, healing/nurturing touch, assisted stretch therapy, Asian massage and laugh meditation. The primary function of massage is to keep soft tissues soft. My goal is to restore, renew and jump start your own body's healing power that is your right as my client and as a man. Whether you are young or old, a world class athlete, or a dedicated couch potato, let my m4m massage help you to completely unwind, so that you can meet your next challenge. Yes, you can pay for that underwear model to do faux massage and pay him twice as much but don't you deserve better? I dedicate myself to doing everything I can to help meet any challenge life might throw your way. I am a master at men's massage. If you are seeking a more relaxing oriented massage, please see my profile under the "Relax" category of this site. To book, call me at 917-771-6367 or 212-777-7199 (10 AM to 10 PM only). And please note that your personal hygiene is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your interest my massage skills.

About Him

Last year I taught massage, anatomy and holistic health at the New York College of Health Professions in N.Y.C. I have also lectured in Healing Body and Mind at Calvary Hospital in the Bronx where I also spent four years doing massage in the family care center. This spring has seen me join several gardens in my native East Village 'hood, Campos Community Garden on 12th Street and 11BC Serenity Garden. We are always seeking volunteers! It's a fantastic way to connect with nature and meet new friends with similar interests. I meditate and (sometimes) chant every day. Currently I am also a part of the visiting artist program in music therapy and perform (live!) Mondays from 12-1 in Atrium at Union Square and 14th St., a division of Mount Sinai/Beth Israel. I also love to bike (I have two), and dance (I was a professional dancer and still do it). Occasionally, I do Pilates (I taught at Crunch for years) and love working out with free weights and acrobatics. I self-practice various forms of Dialectical Behavior Therapy to stay mindful and manage emotions. I'm also a graduate of Hunter College where I majored in New Media and Music. Some of my side careers have included stand-up comedy, cocktail piano, and acting. I am a current member of Polaris North theater coop. I'm also a writer, still working on my first autobiographical novel "Comfort". I also journal weekly, obsessively record my own private life reflections in video diaries and am way too addicted to watching horror (both good and bad), "Banshee" "Game of Thrones"and the occasional muscle video. Totally addicted to good Progressive House music (Digitally Imported; for podcasts, Silk Music Showcase is the best). Currently my favorite red is Predator Old Vine Zinfandel; the new lot from 2014 is superb. And for gin, give me Green Hook--much superior to Bombay anytime! Love & Thanks.


Your location 60 min. $175.00
In-studio 60 min. $125.00


Near East Sixth St. & First Avenue
New York, NY 10009