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About his bodywork

You've gotten this far in listening to your body. Now you've got to decide if you want a real, authentic and skilled session for healing through deep pressure and stretching, or luxurious kneading and gliding for ultimate relaxation - or both!

My certified, professionally trained, therapeutic Thai Yoga healing bodywork sessions could be just what you need.

I offer two types of Thai bodywork. Either can provide amazing results to reduce stress, ease body discomfort and create total relaxation, and can also be combined for a 2-hr comprehensive treatment:

HEAL with:
Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork:
- Great release in the joints through deep stretching with added muscle and fascia manipulation. Imagine yoga be done *to* you - all the benefits with no effort!
- Best for someone seeking the most physical opening/relief.
- Traditionally done in minimal clothing, it can be performed on a floor mat or a massage table - you choose!
- Traditional/recommended duration is 90m - 120m, however shorter "tune-up" sessions are also great for on-going maintenance.
* Want an even more customized session? Ask me about the Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Wellness Plan!

RELAX with:
Traditional Thai Aromatherapy Oil "Gliding-Hand" Bodywork
- This is a combination of aromatherapy* with hot soothing oil using gliding techniques to deliver one of the most relaxing experiences in bodywork.
- Best for ultimate relaxation, emotional/mental stress relief.
- Similar to Swedish-style, it can relax muscle tension, relieve stress and reduce strains all over the body by stimulating sensory nerve endings in the skin. These nerves transmit messages through the nervous system and cause the brain to release endorphins.
- This luxurious treatment is performed at a slow pace and uses a relaxing pressure with emphasis on working out adhesions/knots in the muscle tissue.
- I only use 100% organic oil and 100% organic therapeutic grade essential oils* used.

* aromatherapy/essential oils is optional.

Looking to combine both? A 2-hr session combines both aspects of these two types of Thai Bodywork.

I work from two "in-call" locations, Chelsea and Harlem. Please note Harlem location offers $15 off!

As a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer, I understand the male body and will use custom techniques to create a session that treats *your* specific needs. Each of is different and my training provides me with over 200 postures to create a custom session for you.

Thai Yoga bodywork provides integrated healing in body and mind in ways unique to this style. It's a powerful healing system that works along energy (Sen) lines and combines the best of massage, stretching and yoga. Pressure can range from deep, firm touch to light. We will work on pressure points, deep stretching, joint tension release, and increased flexibility. Your session can leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated - like a brand nu man!

Your session:
Before we begin, we will discuss your body and focus areas to tailor the session specifically to your needs. Regardless of which type you choose, your session will be a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically. Set in a comfortable, serene environment with soft lighting, relaxing music, and calming scents, you will immediately begin to unwind, float into meditation and feel tension slowly begin to leave your body.

CHECK OUT my REVIEWS and TESTIMONIALS both here and at my site (link in side bar).

Give yourself (or someone else!) the GIFT of bliss through this deeply meditative and healing experience.

PLEASE NOTE: TEXT me for quickest response. I respond to ALL inquiries as quickly as absolutely possible. If there is more than a 20 min delay in my response, I am either teaching class (8/wk) or in another session. Please bear with me as I will surely get back to you ASAP. I appreciate every single inquiry.

LAST MINUTE sessions are possible!! So don't be discouraged, BUT do be understanding. It can be tricky to coordinate on short notice so try to book with as much advance notice as possible and I will always do my best to accommodate you. Minimum two-hour notice is standard.

FOR OUTCALLS: $50 travel for distance and time. Minimum 90m session. Ideally, you will have an open space of 10x10 to work with.

LATE CALLS: Appointments after 9:30PM are additional $25.

I also offer Private Yoga sessions, personal training and essential oils treatments. (See my site for more info!)

Benefits of Thai Yoga Bodywork:

- great for EVERYONE: men, women, gay, straight, athletes, people who workout often, travelers, people looking for assisted stretching, beginners curious or looking to try yoga, advanced yogis.

About Him

Professional, legit, caring, compassionate, kind, grounding, sincere and warm energy is what you can expect from me and my bodywork. My formal training and certification is through the world renowned Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage School, located in Montreal, Canada. I am also a certified RYT-500 (registered 500-hr) Yoga Instructor and teach eight weekly yoga classes, which I invite and encourage you to try! I am a personal trainer with a background in martial arts (capoeira). I am also trained in the use of essential oils for stress relief (NAT/SST) and chakra balancing. Please inquire about any of these services if interested. More information is available on my website.


Massage Therapy
In-studio 60 min. $130.00
75 min. $150.00
90 min. $165.00
120 min. $200.00
Private Yoga 60 min. $125.00
Personal Training 60 min. $75.00
Essential Oils NAT/SST 30 min. $40.00


Based in New York, NY 10011
Outcalls within 5 miles