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About his bodywork

My massage modalities include shiatsu, acupressure, deep tissue, sports, tui na, trigger point, reflexology and stretching. My bodywork tends to be deeper than most and more therapeutic in nature. I work with a lot of athletes, dancers and others with active lifestyles. Also specialize in working men through injuries and chronic body issues. This includes a lot of business professionals who carry lots of tension in their neck, shoulders and back, and the bear community who tend to have a lot of leg tightness, hip and back pain. My proximity to downtown has also made me a favorite among business travelers who hit me up whenever they are in town to bring their body back into balance and address nagging problems.

My background and training has given me a deeper understanding of the body and how various body parts affect others. The massage is tailored to you and what is going on with your body at that moment, not a set routine. This affords me the ability to do longer sessions with many of my regulars booking sessions of 2 hours or longer but most common is the standard 90 minute therapeutic session.

I work with a lot of men of all shapes, fitness and sizes. Im fairly new to these M4M sites, but have been the official male massage therapist of a couple gay sports leagues.

Massages are done in a dedicated treatment room with heat, fans and A/C setting your ideal temperature. Both my in call and outcall set ups are done on heavily cushioned earthlite tables. Now offering additional spa amenities including Paraffin wax treatments on the hands and feet ($20), hot towel scrubs, heat treatment and scented essential oils. expanding my sessions from simply deep pressure bodywork to include some of the pampering you find at day spas.

Im not a good match for those looking for a light spa type (swedish) massage, a purely relaxing massage or anybody looking for anything other than 100% therapeutic . I may also not be a good match for the elderly or frail unless they know they are good with deep work and not on any meds that cause easy bruising. Im a very good match for those in search of the deep therapeutic work to address aches, pains, extreme tension or injuries. Lets face it there aren't many of us doing the deep targeted work effectively on these m4m sites where light touch or inappropriate touch are all too common. I am confident that Im one of the stronger ones among this already small group of trained therapists. Gratefully most of my clients return and often text in the days following treatment either to thank me or update me on their conditions.

In determining session length keep the following basic guidelines in mind. Therapeutic work unlike the lighter touch spa modalities requires more time. For full body therapeutic 90 minutes is the standard for an average size man unlike the lighter touch/ spa work which generally uses 50 or 60 minutes as its standard jumping off point. Spa type work is mostly the same routine regardless of the client and issues, Therapeutic acknowledges the aches, pains, injuries and other body issues and goes back over the area over and over again and with various approaches until the issue has been addressed or resolved.

Although 90 minutes is most common for full body therapeutic, longer sessions are often scheduled for larger clients, clients with multiple stubborn issues or those just wanting more of a lighter touch warm up and warm down mixed in with the deep work. Shorter sessions are sometimes scheduled for smaller clients or with the understanding that they will stay focused on just the problem areas and won't be full body. Its my goal to match the client with the experience thats best for them even if that means referring you back to the site for somebody who is a better match.

I have started offering outcalls again on a limited basis. Its a $90 add on and must be within 10 miles. Add parking fees if any parking charges are incurred. The travel fee goes down to $60 if more than one session is booked same session and only charged once for the session, not each person. I bring an extensive set up which includes the hot towel scrubs and heating pads.

Text or phone call are the best way to contact me. Emails are often not received for hours if not the next day so most frequently result in a missed contact.

About Him

I have been doing massage and energy work off and on since the mid 90s. My practice has only ventured into the gay massage or male massage work the past few years where I am grateful to be providing truly therapeutic work for the gay community.

I am a certified massage therapist (CMT). I also studied chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbology, energetic healing and reikiā€¦ was even pre med briefly in undergrad. Taught classes for massage therapists on how to work deeper and more therapeutically. Priced to fit in the average mans budget for repeat business and longer more targeted massages. The price points drop for the longer sessions with each additional 1/2 hour only $40 (20% off the base rate) to encourage clients to book the length they need and still stay within their budget... you're gonna want to make me part of your health or workout routine.

When contacting me please text or call. Emails are only retrieved 3 or 4 times per week, its not the 1990s anymore. Email only if texting not possible since there can be a long delay before response.

Now offering $10 cash discount


In-studio 60 min. $100.00
75 min. $120.00
90 min. $140.00
120 min. $180.00
150 min. $220.00
180 min. $260.00
OUTCALLS 90 min. $230.00
120 min. $270.00


Near Beverly Blvd & Union Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Outcalls within 10 miles