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About his bodywork

Hello. I'm Prince Juniper, a m4m gay BodyWorker with body wisdom and lots of love to share with the world.

I study and practice Wellness through the body. I practice loving myself so fully and watch the rewards come in the form of loving relationships, joy, and abundance. I am interested in healing because it clears the body of old wounds and baggage so that we can accept the good stuff we want more of. 🌟Manifest your best 🌟

Having spent much time supporting others and keeping a harmonious balance between my surroundings, I know very well how to be of service. It's something that comes easy to me, and also something I NEED to do to feel fulfilled. So my journey leads me here:

Seeking to restore balance in myself as a number one priority! By clearing the nasty stuff that keeps me down and filling up with love and laughter. In turn, i can offer a space for others to do the same. By recalling the wisdom of yoga, breath, and body work, we can together rise up to our highest vibration and stay tunned in, tapped in, turned on🌟

I'm not like any other masseur you'll ever meet. I use a combination of stretching or yoga, physical massage and energy work to deliver balance to the body in 3 different stages.

1) assisted stretching or yoga
2) massage
3) energy work

With each stage going deeper into stillness, we go to that hypnotic, suspended-in-time space where healing and clearing occurs.

If emotions are addressed and released, afterwards you can expect to have lingering feelings on their final stages of resolution. You might feel a little of that ancient sadness we all have that lives deep in the heart center. Or you can feel extremely joyful with that after-massage glow. Either way, after going to sleep and waking up the next morning, the effects of the session will continue to work out what was started in the emotional and muscular body.

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Take care.

About Him

As a Prince, I am reminded to be thankful every moment of my life. To not be entitled to things but rather thankful of eveything in life, and to see every small thing as gif. Weather it as common as sunlight or the night, or cake or a million dollars. Nothing's is less than grandious in this life. it is my impulse to learn about the world and obtain skills to better give and be of service. I am currently diving in to adventures I only dreamed of.

I cant wait to meet you.


Massage 90 min. $200.00


Near 36 st & west st
Oakland, CA 94608
Outcalls within 10 miles