Head to Toes Deep Tissue Massage

Specialize in deep tissue, swedish, and thai



About his bodywork

As an athlete and personal trainer, I know how important it is to release tension and stress that builds up over time in all body tissues from head to toes. I specialize in full body deep tissue bodywork and massage for relaxation and healing but am also trained in Thai and Swedish techniques, it really just depends on your needs. After having received countless massages in the past and not being satisfied, I've come to realize that not everyone has that special touch that comes from an awareness of basic physiology, muscle movements, and knowing where stress and tension tend to build up over time. Mostly though, I enjoy making people feel good.

About Him

I've always loved working with people on their fitness goals, nutrition regimens, and methods of relaxation and tension relief. I only took massage more seriously when I was told that my massages were better and more effective than those of professionals working at expensive spas. That's when I really started getting into it. I spent some time in southeast Asia to learn some different techniques and have developed a style that is entirely my own. I've incorporated what I consider the most effective techniques from different parts of the world into one that, in my opinion, is holistic and most effective at relieving stress and tension. Bodywork is truly a whole body experience because everything is connected, as I say, from head to toes.


In-studio 60 min. $100.00
75 min. $120.00
90 min. $140.00
Your location 60 min. $120.00
75 min. $140.00
90 min. $160.00


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