European Hercules Looking Masseur



About his bodywork

I am very educated, down to earth, European guy.
6'3", 220 lbs, 30 years old. Into fitness, health and massage therapy.
I used to train martial arts where after every workout we would learn how to massage our partners we trained with because the sparing was intense and there was a lot of strenuous activity on our whole body. That's where most of my technique came from.
I understand anatomy and structure of the muscle tissue and blood flow which I use in my advantage when applying pressure to the body and releasing lactic acid and toxins from sore muscles or clogged spots. I always communicate with my clients to make sure pressure is not overwhelming or even too weak because everybody's body is different and requires different technique or intensity.
I make stretch motions also to help less flexible clients and slowly limber their joints so when I leave they feel completely pain free and relaxed.
Contact me and I can help you meet your fitness goals and provide good quality, muscle relaxing massage.

About Him

Used to compete in Taekwondo, Karate and MMA. Big bodybuilding/fitness fan and fan of martial arts.
Have a degree in Arts and Music.


Your location 60 min. $200.00
In-studio 60 min. $200.00


Based in Los Angeles, CA 90064
Outcalls within 10 miles