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Deep Tissue Healing



About his bodywork

I love my work of making men feel comfortable in their bodies, and there is more than one way to do it. Deep Tissue has been my main focus, while combining it with other modalities, including using the vibration of Tibetan singing bowls, ear acupuncture, energy work (sometimes combined with crystals) and craniosacral therapy.

Through my training and experience from Deep Tissue work with dancers, Broadway performers, gym rats and the tension from less active, monotonous work, I can help you with very specific issues or when recovering from injuries.

I taught meditation for many years and am happy to give you some guidance in your practice, or self-healing. Sometimes we are more in need of a stress reduction and re-connection with our inner, or spiritual, self during a massage.

Let me know what needs work and attention. Then I can figure out the best way to help you relax, heal and rejuvenate. Whether you are gay, straight, bi, or curious, doesn't matter. I work with female clients as well.

As the added bonus and benefit, I am happy to come to you. I do not bring my massage table, but promise the same high quality massage working you on your bed if you do not have your own table.

Looking forward to see you,

About Him

Born and raised in Sweden, where I got thorough training in deep tissue massage. I have furthered my skills along the way, through formal training and training as a dancer.

Life is full of wonderful things to enjoy. I think we have to remind ourselves about that, to create the habit of enjoying life, to see the silver lining - and yet be real. While I think a spiritual life is important, maybe necessary, it has to be integrated and practical to live in a human body, not disconnecting from it.


In-studio 60 min. $160.00
90 min. $240.00


Near 10th Ave & 35th street west
New York, NY 10001