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About his bodywork

* Hey Men!

The holiday are coming up. Give yourself the gift of a great massage. Early Seasons Greeting to you!

Thanks to the great men who have been to me over the
last ten years. It's been my honor to serve.

Now is the time to catch your breath, and unwind with a massage to remember.

This time is also to relax, meditate, and reflect- To open up one's own Mind, Body, Spirit, & Soul.

"BEST-MASSAGE(C)" Massage Table, with 2 inch memory foam pad, arm cradle, soft stuffed face pillow, on fresh linens & towels.

Fish tank for water sounds & fountain, nature sounds, or music/both, and soft auto LED lighting. Window sealed, for noise reduction, and darkness that is great in providing the ultimate atmosphere for your own relaxation. Not bright lighting, unless requested.

This massage studio-spa room is your private place. A
suite that is designed for your comfort, and with everything needed to assure your session here is an exceptional one, a Mini-vacation.

I offer a personal, private, discreet, confidential way of doing my trade.

When you arrive, feel free to mention anything you do not care for. I assure you that you will be in your own comfort zone, relaxed, and enjoying knowing your time is always well spent here.

My standers are of an extremely top level, so it is all about your massage that matters. Oh yes, and I really & truly love what i do. When you do care, it really will always shows!

Guaranteed that the goal here is total relaxation, comfort, and tension gone from the body. This plain is
a winner, as we both are playing on the same team.

Times include: Any time that fits your schedule. Early,
or late night. If permitting, please call ahead. I do ask for one hour notice, but can is less time when requested.

This is really for any man: bi, straight, gay, and a massage for men to unwind and take care of everyday stress.

Thank-you! I hope to hear from you!

Have a good one!

About Him

Welcome to Phoenix or Welcome Home!

Whatever the reason, it's really nice out, so time to get out and get refreshed with your own personal massage to order.

Phone me or text, IM, email- or call. What ever you like to do to contact me. Take some "DOWN TIME" for yourself...

A man has a need to be relaxed- we all do, so don't FORGET that!

The human touch has been proven to do good for
the hole body, mind, spirit, and soul.

If your Straight, gay, bi, no label? We all need a human experience- technology is great, but can not replace that feeling we as men get when we have one great massage...

In case you do not know me- I'm more of a naturalist, and into the ancient teachings. A spiritual man & with no agenda to fill or anyone to impress, but you in my massage.

I did go to Collage at A.S.U., I.T.T. Technical / Miller Institute, Tempe High School & US Carrier Institute as my Massage school.

My Degree in Communication BC, and i have a licenses for FCC, & and a Creative Commons, attended UCI- massage

Also trained via internet, books, school, common sense, evaluation, and logical thinking as well. (That logical part can get me in trouble- sometimes)

Really enjoy the outdoors very much. Hiking, biking, swimming, camping, or a walk in the park.

Sunrise to sunsets are the best here in Phoenix, AZ
so tend to like to see them every day i can.


In-studio 60 min. $75.00
90 min. $90.00
120 min. $110.00
Out-calls 90 min. $110.00
Spa Services
In-studio 90 min. $90.00


Near North 52nd Street & Red Mountain Freeway
Phoenix, AZ 85008
Outcalls within 50 miles