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About his bodywork

If you are a gay male who prefers to be massaged in a serene and zen environment, you have come to the right place. I truly enjoy massaging and the conversations with my clients. Most of my clients fall asleep during the massage, that's how comfortable they feel. I can assure you that you will be leaving my place completely relaxed and rejuvenated. It's a truly amazing experience to be massaged in a caring way. Thanks for reading and hope to see you on my table :-) I have over 5 years professional experience doing massages!

The following are the key criteria for an amazing massage.

1. Communication: Proper communication is extremely important, as it's the first contact between you and the masseur. This clarifies all the needs and expectations and sets the tone for your experience.

2. Trust: A massage is a very private experience, A client has to feel absolutely comfortable and at ease. This is crucial in order to relax and let go of your worries and stresses. A great masseur must be able to earn the client's trust in a few moments.

3. Intuition: A must have quality for any Great Masseur. As a chef can taste his food in his head, so should a masseur feel what is client is about to feel. This is a natural gift that some posses and can not be learned.

4. Caring: A true masseur is one that cares about the well being of his or her client. Someone who knows how to nurture and is aware of the fact that the compensation provided by the client is a reward for this caring and not vice versa. This has a lot to do with the character of the masseur and the intention behind their work.

5. Ambiance: Last but not least, the environment in which you are receiving your massage must be peaceful, relaxing, comforting and enjoyable. The environment must have the right temperature, proper air circulation, appealingly fragrant with pleasant music and lighting.

I'm always aware of the above mentioned criteria when I'm working with a client.

About Him

I am into fitness, and naturally happy and high on life! love to travel, meet new people and make great connections!


In-studio 60 min. $95.00
90 min. $145.00

Travel schedule

  • Feb. 17 - 28: Miami Beach, FL