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About his bodywork

Thanks so much for checking out my ad! I ask that you check out my website before contacting me for rates and more information about my work, just do a search for "Lance Massage SF" or just go to

I began my path as a massage therapist about 8 years ago, after attending a weekend, all male workshop. The objective of the workshop was not only to teach massage, but to help us embrace and seek more intimacy in our lives. I realized from that workshop, that as open as I was to receiving love and intimacy in my life, that I could learn to be more vulnerable and that I wanted to help others learn the same through my work. After attending a few more similar workshops, I decided to go to school and get my certificate in Swedish massage.

Massage is a very personal experience between the therapist and client, and the quality of such depends upon the connection between the two. Because it is so personal, I try to avoid claiming that my massages are "better" than anyone else's. Based on the feedback from my clients however, I know that I have a gift and that I am very good at what I do. I recently had a client who had received massages all over the world, tell me that he felt he had wasted every penny he had spent on massage prior to experiencing mine. I told him I would quote him on that, and here I am.

I believe and adhere to the principal that massage is about connection, compassion and caring. At it's root, massage is an expression of love. I am open to working with men at all places in their journey, whether they identify as gay, bi, questioning or straight.

My massage specialty, I would say, is deep tissue work, however I incorporate elements of Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Trigger Point, and Craniosacral into my massage sessions. If you prefer lighter touch you only have to let me know, and I can adjust my technique and pressure. Also, I am happy working with men of all ages, sizes, and body types.

Again, please check out my website for more about me and my work, again, just do a search for "Lance Massage SF".

Love & Light

About Him

"Love is what we are born to do, fear is what we learn"
Marianne Williamson

I have a very blessed life, a life that I have created by following my passion, being selective of whom I share my time and attracting great amounts of loving energy to me. Ever since I stopped trying to climb the corporate ladder 7 years ago, and embraced the gifts that I have for touch, connection and intimacy, my happiness and appreciation for life has grown more and more each day.

I try to keep myself busy by staying active and fit, gym 4-5 days a week. I love to cook and have been working on cooking more healthy, which is a hard for a southern-born man like myself. I also love wine and wine-tasting, traveling (especially tropical), reading (more non-fiction, short stories and philosophical). I try to get away and go camping at least 3-4 times a year, getting out in nature and away from technology is always great for my soul. I have also been trying to do more writing, with the intent of finishing a book one day.

In the long term, I plan to return to school for my Masters in Psychology so that I can expand and continue my work as a therapist.


Travel schedule

  • Jan. 19 - 22: Los Angeles, CA
  • Jan. 23 - 26: Palm Springs, CA