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About his bodywork

I'm Jonathan and powerful M4M massage is my passion! This is a place to experience openness and relaxation, and yourself, on a deeper level. From regular massage to Eastern energy techniques, an invigorating and healing space becomes possible. Ask for details!

Rates: 60/min/$75; 90min/$100; 120min/$140. What are the differences between sessions? It varies, but in general the hour is a quick wake-up, the 90min is a balancing session, 2-hr is for deeper states.

You can request an appointment here! I’ll review & confirm. Or contact me by email. Or text / leave voicemail: 828-414-8075. (This is a messaging service, not a voice line. Please don’t expect an immediate reply.) Best be direct!- location, time frame you’re available, length of session desired (60/90/120 for $75/$100/$140), and a note on what you want to work on! Set an intention!

I love men with every type of body! I love working with survivors of cancer and organized religion. I grew up Christian and this session is about being reminded to be a true child of the divine! For men gay and straight and everyone who wants to work on feeling! I don't put anyone in a box as I'd rather you not do that to me! It's the journey that matters.

For payment, cash or cards are fine. The listed time of the session is the time spent on the table- with greetings and cleanup, the session will last at least a half hour in addition to that.

About Him

Here in St Pete, parking is no problem. With outcalls I bring my heating table, music, oil, aromatherapy and my own beautiful self to meet yours!


Holding/Energy Session 60 min. $75.00


Based in St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Outcalls within 25 miles