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About his bodywork

I've been in the business for 10 years as a Massage Therapist and I'm also a Licenced Cosmetologist. I'm sympathetic to my clients needs and have the technical skills which I've learned through taking many continuing educational classes.

I currently travel to New York and North Central & South Jersey.

The first massage is always my signature massage. I bring candles and relaxing music and amazing lotion that is great for your skin.

I have to say, I have very loyal and amazing clients and I just love them! What keeps our relationships so tight is that they're not afraid to speak up. Usually, I can read people really well but we are all only human. Sometimes the pressure isn't hard enough or sometimes they want me to stay in one area longer. Don't be afraid to speak up; you should feel 110% comfortable with me!

Men, women, gay, straight, couples, healthy, sick, disabled; there is nothing I haven't done, and I love to do it all!

"We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders," is what they say, and it's so true! I'll relieve that tension, and help you achieve the best you. The best compliment to me is
a referral, so Kindly leave me a raving review after a good experience with John Joseph!

"No refunds will be issued after purchase"

About Him

I grew up playing football, wrestling, and baseball for 8 years. I pursued training at the Olympic Training Center on the Luge Team for 4 years where I learned so much from the Physical Therapists in the Rehabilitation Center. I started getting massaged myself when I was 14 by a shiatsu trained therapist who was also a Reiki Master. She touched my soul. The heat permeating out of her hands started my curiosity for learning Reiki. She restored my faith in a higher power when I was lost. I got initiated by a nurse at Centrastate Hospital because I was too young to massage and I got my Master Level by a Sufi Master while I was on a retreat in upstate, NY at the message of the abode. I graduated Massage School from Lincoln Technical Institute in 2005, and I juggle massaging along with haircutting and coloring. One day, I hope to own a salon and spa wellness center. I strive to live a simple life and I enjoy the outdoors walking with my 3 puppies. We love the beach, hiking, and socializing; their my little amazing minions. I do have doggy clients that I groom regularly, and I've also bathed the meanest of cats, so try me out because you'll be satisfied!

Life should be fun and easy and I've learned it's best to walk to the beat of your own drummer.


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