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About his bodywork

I'm off Saturdays for now guys

I offer a perfect blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Gentle Stretching throughout my massage sessions. If you prefer, or need a specific technique or area targeted, I will certainly accommodate! I am strong enough to deliver firm pressure and yet sensitive enough to know how much to use.

I welcome gay, straight, bi men and women of all shapes and sizes. Younger and older- doesn't matter! Everyone benefits from a great massage!

Touch is a very powerful force between people, and I recognize the impact of a nurturing, tender technique. Especially M4M. My focus, however, will always be to provide excellent, technical and thorough sessions that will make a real difference in my client's health and well-being.

I am a licensed professional with professional equipment and skills. I am now operating in a home office situation, shower available. Hope to see you there soon... Check out my reviews for feedback from the many that have posted. Thanks

My latest testimonial: "Great session! Thorough: Thanks for including abdominals and hips; many do not. Balanced: Thanks for balancing the time and efforts on all areas, not just my back and shoulders. Varied: You used many different pressures, strokes, and sensations. I really liked the head-to-toe strokes contrasting with the shorter focused ones. Your deep pressure was appropriately measured and sustained. I commend your outstanding leg work with deep stretching! And, the lighter finger-tip finishes gave me the tingles. Appropriate: Thanks for remaining professionally legit and therapeutic yet tender. After my last two stressful months, it was nice to relax physically, mentally, and even emotionally. Great work! Beautiful space! Welcoming and peaceful spirit! I'm anxious to see you again soon. GW"

About Him

I was trained in Charlotte, NC in 2014 but have enjoyed giving massage for many many years.

I am a free spirit, laid back and very easy to get along with.

I am customer-driven and aim to please- so be up front about what your preferences are and I will do my best to deliver the best experience!

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to reduce stress, recover from your pains and enjoy an better overall level of health!

Thank you!


In-studio 60 min. $70.00
90 min. $110.00
Your location 60 min. $100.00
90 min. $140.00


Near McClintock Rd & Loma St
Charlotte, NC 28205
Outcalls within 5 miles