Masculine, x-Military,Str8, BigARMS, 9 Yrs CMT, Strong Hands,



About his bodywork


24 hour male massage. I'm a NYC/ Las Vegas based Masseur, Traveling back and forth between NYC and Pittsburgh for now, mobile and equipped with a portable table.

Modalities/ Massage Services:
I offer 10 years of experience in Massage with various Techniques. Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone theray and Trigger point. I use a portable PRO TABLE,

Recently in June and July 2016, out of Europe, Canada, The UK, and the Entire United States I've been ranked as the #1 most viewed male masseur in the world on Masseurfinder June and July of 2016 (for 2 months) .(see my pictures, pictured in the #1 spot with the cowboy hat).

* I have also bee featured in health and fitness magazines around the globe.

* Cash for massage preferred, but I now accept credit card, Paypal and checks (with a check scanner) as alternative forms of payment, discreetly billed at a Healthfood and wellness store, this is an extra fee.
* Rates in NYC, LONG ISLAND, WESTCHESTER, AND NEW JERSEY VARY based on my travel expense to get to you, Or if youre coming to me. (not the same rates in Pittsburgh, my PA rates are lower)

Massage Therapy Clientele Served:
All ages 20+,all sizes, genders Male/female, orientations welcome. I'm a Certified CMT and very friendly, NON-RUSHED, Professional & welcoming.

My Stats: on the : "about him" section on the left

I am a very immediate prompt service, If i am not in an appointment.Though I am personally straight, my clients consist of gay males, straight females, bisexual males, male/female Married couples, discreet married clients, public figures, and many more. I am very friendly. I am a great choice to make. My hands are amazing and will make you feel brand new.

ON CALL 24/7 at your convenience. I will NOT wake up to a text so I recommend CALLING me and waking me up 4am-11am (hours I'm usually asleep) if you're a serious inquiry...I will wake up to come see you, I WILL come out to you late.
* Trips to you After 2am ad are additional +$40

For Pennsylvania
I travel to cranberry and erie yes for extra

My stats are 110% accurate, pictures are all recent.
My training is impeccable. & I lug/carry a heavy table around,spend $out of pocket, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "passing", If you order me, I expect payment. I am 5'8,example if you "imagined me to be 6'0" that's not my fault, and I don't have old pics, all are recent. Payment needs to be visible on a table, but I collect (at the end) not up front.
When Calling Etiquette, Professionalism :
Please be ready with your address , or ready to come to me. Please be respectful over the phone
With your questions.
*I don't text back n forth for long periods of time, just call me, I'm very friendly, professional and charming, Im just not big into chit chatting long on the phone due to some clients who are just leading on,

If you use a "text app" and don't talk on the phone for at least 30 seconds, I will not meet you.I don't meet magic jack phone customers, private callers even with a business phone or married excuse (for a VERY long list of safety reasons) prepaid phones are even FREE these days.
Discretion: If you're worried about discretion, your phone number is 100% discreet with me, and I can erase it when done.

Please normal clientele only:
Please don't contact me if its for "some other time", or if you're "not ready", or just calling to ask "how long are you in town for", I am in town NOW, I am here in the NOW, and I'm available in the NOW

About Him

I am studying my masters right now for an MBA with a specialization in Healthcare Services.

I am:
A Veteran, Former Active Duty US ARMY COMBAT MEDIC
A CMT Since 2006
A former home renovator (prior to knee operation)
A Painter/Artist
A Published Author
A Screenplay Writer
A Guitarist/Bassist/Singer/Producer/Recording Engineer

9 yrs as a CM.T. I travel the world and went to school for this,I began in Boston (2006) & NYC (2011), Chicago (Early 2013) Settled down in Pittsburgh(2013). Yes I can come with a table. I travel often to Vegas, NYC, Seattle, Milwaukee, Chicago+ more, Super discrete outcall, including married clientele, clients here on business, couples, politicians, CEO's, Wallstreet, public figures,major athletes,

I am an EXTREMELY Friendly, welcoming, warm, masculine, former active duty military, well educated professional trained masseur with a pro table (yes, I can bring this table with me),I;m an artist,musician,published author and Currently in my MBA program online while I travel doing massage.

Stats: 5'8, 189, 34 waste, Smooth except my chest,
Very Muscular Tattoo's Arms, Barrel Chest,
|I do not have abs, or a flat stomach *not a swimmers build.

Where is home:?
I travel the world doing massage as support during graduate school, I consider 3 northeast cities as "home" for 3 different reasons,

1.NY/NYC born in Vegas, but raised in Long Island since age 1

2. Boston: This is here I spent most of my 20's, this is where my massage experience began in 2006 until I moved to Pittsburgh in 2008, (Military Texas 2009-2012), then NYC in 2012. Many clients say I have the Boston Accent.

3. Pittsburgh 2013-2015, This is where I settled down, favorite city , and have considered it to be my settled down " Home/Home" for good

More About me:

I am probably the friendliest choice you can make from here. VERY DISCREET.

Background/Heritage British & New Zealand =(Together 75%) , Italian-Sicilian (20%) and Cherokee Indian ( 5%) descent.

I am 5'8, 185 lbs, Big in the upper body, big Tattooed arms, Broad shoulders, Barrel chest, no abs


In-studio 30 min. $75.00
60 min. $120.00
90 min. $199.00
Your location 30 min. $85.00
60 min. $128.00
90 min. $210.00

Travel schedule

  • Jan. 12 - 25: Pittsburgh, PA
  • Jan. 25 - 27: Long Beach, NY
  • Jan. 27 - 28: Manhattan, NY
  • Jan. 28 - 29: Brooklyn, NY
  • Jan. 29 - 30: Hampton Bays, NY
  • Jan. 30 - 31: Jersey City, NJ