Jimmy Lloyd, CMT

Wizard Of Ahhhhhhs


About his bodywork

I won't promise to "heal" you with just my Touch, but, is massage therapeutic ... YES!

Therapeutic Massage is basically the definition of the nature of massage. ALL certified massage work is Therapeutic. Massage affects every system in your body. It helps the body heal itself.

My name is Jimmy Lloyd. I have worked as a Certified Massage Therapist in Palm Springs since 1994. Most of my professional massage career was spent working for the major Resort - Spas. I also started seeing private clients during my time off. I finally got tired of the "factory work" and I now prefer to do only private M4M massage work, so that I can concentrate on your individual needs without time restraints.

There is too much stress in our lives as it is. Massage should not add to that by making you worry about your time running out or costing you more to extend the time.

I have combined my more than 1000 hours of Certified Training in soothing, stress-reducing Swedish and Therapeutic Sports Massage with the touch of over 20 years of experience and HOT Oil to provide you the Therapy Of Touch.

My massage work is constantly evolving. The resorts require a more uniform style to keep within the time boundaries. My work is not about time ... It is about YOU. The massage is ALL ABOUT YOU.

Too often men do not allow themselves to RELAX. They have forgotten how to LET GO of the stress and restraints of life. That is good for my businss, but, not your health. I work on a very RELAXING massage table in a PRIVATE and COMFORTING environment in central Palm Springs.

CONVENIENT to most major resorts and less than 2 miles from the Airport, Warm Sands area or Palm Canyon Drive. Less than 1 mile from the Spa Casino or Convention Center.

My work averages more than 1.5 hours ... I DON'T WATCH THE CLOCK. The in-Studio rate is still only $100.00. I am available any time of day or night by ADVANCE appointment ... Most clients can be seen with at least an hours notice.

No Texts Please ... For fastest results ... PLEASE PHONE ... 760-864-9993 ... Thank you.

HUGS, Jimmy Lloyd, CMT

About Him

Jimmy received his Massage Certification at the American Institute of Massage Therapy and the Sports Massage Training Institute ... AIMT / SMTI in Costa Mesa at the instruction of founder Dr Myk Hungerford in 1994. This was the 11 month long, 1000 hour plus course.

In September of 2014, Jimmy spent 2 months receiving Radiation and Chemotherapy for treatment of cancer and then another 2 months recovering from the treatment. About a year later and back at work, the doctor has advised Jimmy that he sees no further signs of the cancer, accompanied by the fact that he continues to improve. BEST news ever!


In-studio 90 min. $100.00


Near N Saturmino Drive & E Amado Road
Palm Springs, CA 92262