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About his bodywork

Hi everybody!

What's special about my massage? I specialize in tailoring my techniques to your exact needs (from featherlight touch to deep pressure and everything in between),
Each moment of my bodywork carries into the next like a piece of music; not a mechanical process but an organic flow attuned to YOU! Did you know a massage has a beat, a rhythm, chords, harmonies and melodies? You've never had a massage like this? Let me show you what music I can create with you. You'll never want to go back to mechanical massage again!

In my massage practice, I've created a complete environment for you to escape the stresses of life and rejuvenate your spirit. Candlelight, soft background music, your choice of futon or table, and a warm , quiet, discrete, pet-free environment with shower facilities set the stage.


I work out of my home, at the top of a luxury high-rise overlooking Hollywood Beach, at the north end
of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago (valet parking available in building). I'm 4 blocks from the Bryn Mawr
stop of the Red Line, and the 151 and 147 buses stop at my corner. I also do out calls within 30 miles.


Since I strongly believe something as important as bodywork should be affordable, my fee for both in and out
calls is $80 (cash, paypal and venmo accepted) for one hour, and $100 for 90 minutes (No, I don't watch the clock!).
Also, ask about my popular and affordable 4-hand massage ($160 for one hour,$200 for 1 1/2 hours)!


I am generally available between 2:30 pm and midnight.
Although the best way to guarantee that I am available is to book a session with me a day or two before our appointment time(You can book a month or more in advance, too), I try to be available on a moment's notice(or at least a half hour or so).

Preparing for the Session:

I highly recommend showering before the session, not just from a hygiene standpoint but because it increases the sensitivity of your skin's nerve endings. You are certainly welcome to shower at my place. Also, try not to have big meal or too much liquid just before massage. It may make you feel bloated, and make it more difficult for you to relax. I also suggest avoiding alcohol and other forms of artificial aids before the session, since I think they block off sensitivity to, rather than enhance, what we're trying to accomplish.

Contact Me:

Feel free to e-mail me ( ), or call/text me any time at 773 three-three-four-0515.

***I welcome ALL ages, shapes, sizes, genders and medical conditions. ALL of us are sensorial beings, and I promise you will receive my utmost respect and care!

About Him

Massage has been a passion in my life since I first realized, at 18, the amazing connection between body, emotions and mind. A year living in Israel, graduate study at the U. of Wisconsin in the psychology of emotion, my work as a counselor with mentally ill adults, my published writings on emotion and thought and my bodywork video projects have helped me to understand more about the positive changes that therapeutic touch can create in us. But more than any of these other experiences, my massage practice has opened me up to the enormous power of healing intimacy that bodywork can bring.

This is what I have learned about massage along the way: When you become a masseur, you are actually becoming many things. You are becoming an athlete, because to do
your job effectively without injuring yourself, you have to maintain yourself in top notch physical condition.
You are also to an extent a dancer, because you are performing choreography on your clients. That means as a
quality masseur you will develop an awareness of how to coordinate the movements of your fingers, hands, feet
and torso to give as seamless a performance as possible.

The best masseurs are also musicians, integrating their mastered techniques to create an organic,
intentional flow instead of a mechanical process. Like music, massage has rhythms, tones, chords, consonances
and dissonances, introductions, rises and denouements.

Great masseurs are also psychologists. So much of the aches and pains people store in their shoulders,
upper and lower back, glutes and legs is the body's defensive response to emotional stress. A masseur's
challenge is to read the body language of stress, connecting knotted, spasmed muscles and stiff joints
with a terrorizing boss or a needy spouse. Even seeing a new masseur is stressful for many people.

Finally, a masseur wears a spiritual hat.
Practicing massage has opened up for me whole new worlds of appreciation and enjoyment of the aesthetic joy
of touch. I think a lot of us are imprisoned by barriers to connecting with others. Not just from childhood trauma or strict religious upbringing, but the barriers of negative body self-image, or not being able to get past the imperfections we see(age, weight, physical blemishes) in other bodies.


In-studio 60 min. $70.00
90 min. $100.00
Your location 60 min. $70.00
90 min. $100.00


Near hollywood ave & sheridan rd
Chicago, IL 60660
Outcalls within 25 miles