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About his bodywork

A shamanic massage works with human energy; getting the energy moving within your body and sensing the energy in the room. Energy is everywhere, within us, within other people and of course in the Earth.

Energy transfer often occurs. We can take on another person's bad energy and have a "bad day". Or we can give off good energy and surround ourselves with people who have good energy.

A traditional massage will focus on Yin energy, relaxation. A shaman massage works with both the Yin and Yang, polar opposites; exciting energy and relaxing energy. As your therapist, I will create a safe
environment for you to explore the energy within. I like to switch back and forth between the Yin and Yang, as we open up the energy pathways of the 7 Chakras.

Shamanic therapy treats the whole body; including the mind and spirit. Clients can have a life changing spiritual experience as they peacefully relax and feel the energy within and listen to what their body is telling them.

This session is a medical and spiritual experience. It's recommended that you lay still and meditate on the feelings and energy of the massage. This is the place where we celebrate male energy. If your heart is open to this intent, the experience can be spiritual.

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About Him

Jeff studied Shamanic bodywork, under Dr. Joseph Kramer. Also Bruce Grether taught me self acceptance and self love in support of the human spirit. Advanced training makes the difference!

Jeff likes to get away to natural hot springs, travel to beach-side destinations and to unwind in nature.


In-studio 60 min. $75.00
70 min. $85.00
90 min. $110.00


Near Mississippi Ave & Parker Rd
Denver, CO 80247
Outcalls within 25 miles

Travel schedule

  • Feb. 09 - 14: Albuquerque, NM