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I serve NOLA, Hammond, and Lafayette from BR



About his bodywork

If you're seeking massage, my page is packed with information you'll want.

Text is best. Email is also a good start. My number and an email link are above and below. (Voice calls are awkward in public. Calls make it hard to use my smartphone's features to help you. Voice messages can be indistinct. And a ringing phone can disrupt a massage.)

Baton Rouge is my home. I travel to serve men in New Orleans, Hammond, and Lafayette. I make such trips often, and it's worth a trip for the opportunity to serve you.

I work "outcall"; that is, I visit your home or hotel to give you massage. You can just relax and enjoy.

My massage itself is a relaxed hour and a half, so a visit is about two hours. I work on every muscle from neck to toes. I'm attentive to signs that you'd like more pressure or less or that something needs more work. You'll feel my close attention, the care I give my work, and the enjoyment it gives me.

Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Gel, the gel I use, is light and smooth, and it has a barely noticeable "shower fresh" aroma that quickly dissipates. The gel is hypo-allergenic, partly because it contains seed oils rather than nut oils. After massage, any excess gel will wash off easily under warm water.

I serve any adult man who wants a good, long, relaxing massage. You can enjoy massage when you feel good, but probably even more when you're tired, aching, or just "low." I come to you, and I do the work. You can just relax and enjoy the good feeling.

At 150 pounds, I've given massage to men two or even three times my weight; it's just fine. I've worked on men in their mid-20s to their mid-70s and of every major race.

In case you prefer a table, I travel with a Sierra Comfort portable table and matching linens. But almost all the men I serve prefer massage on a bed, which besides being comfortable, gives me more freedom to move around, to do my best work. When I go to a private home, I bring ample clean sheets to protect your own. I bring hand towels. I carry away the mess. And when we begin, I'll show you how to lie comfortably whether on your bed or on my table.

Music or quiet is your choice, too. If you have your own relaxing music, you're welcome to play it. If not, I have playlists of Spanish guitar, piano, or ambient electronica that I think you'll enjoy.

The experience of massage is just too good for me to put into words, so I hope you'll just try it. Please send me a message by text or email, using my number or email link above or below.

Travel on I-10 and I-12 can be unpredictable because of bad weather, construction, and traffic. When I'll be traveling to you, it's good if you have some time in your schedule in case I'm delayed. While I'm driving, I may not be able to handle my phone, so don't be anxious if I don't reply right away.

About Him

I've been offering massage as a service to men since June 2014, and I've been advertising on MasseurFinder since March or April 2015. But when I first began learning to give massage, it was just because I imagined it would be an enjoyable way for me to be good and kind to men I care about. That proved to be true. Giving massage puts me in a warm, caring mood, and in a way, I often feel I'm at my best while giving massage.

A friend made my photographs in his home's garden in Baton Rouge on a warm afternoon in February 2015. (If you don't know about our southern Louisiana weather, February afternoons are sometimes pretty comfortable.) By then, for about eight months already, giving massage had been most of my exercise. I still get most of my exercise by giving massage, so the very natural build I've developed is a reflection of every massage I give.

I'm grateful to the men who have written testimonials of their experiences with my service, and I hope you'll have a chance to read them.


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