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NEED CONTACT? Text and email work well for me; calls and voice messages, less so. My number and email link are above and at bottom. Send me a message, please, and let me know what I can do for you!

Thanks for reading my page. It's all information I think you'll want.

Baton Rouge is my home, and I travel to serve men in New Orleans, Hammond, and Lafayette. It's worth a trip for the opportunity to serve you, and I make these trips often. Below, I've linked my "home" page for Baton Rouge.

I serve residents at home when they catch a break from their work and family responsibilities. And I serve travelers, helping men to rest and unwind from travel and meetings, or adding to their enjoyment of their vacation.

If you've been too busy to stay fit, I'm here for you, all the same. Some of the men I serve weigh twice as much as I do, or even more. I like those men, and I'll probably like you too.

You can enjoy massage when you're already feeling good, but even more so when you're tired or aching or feeling "low." I come to you. I do the work. You can just relax and enjoy the good feeling.

I work "outcall," in your own home or hotel room.

For an hour and a half, I'll work on you from shoulders to back, butt, thighs, and calves; from feet to calves and thighs; from hands to arms, chest, and abdomen. I listen as I work, for signs you'd like more pressure or less, or more work here or there. As you relax and enjoy, I think you'll feel my close attention to you and to my strokes, the care that I give to you and to my work, and the enjoyment it gives to me as well.

In case you prefer a table, I travel with a Sierra Comfort portable table and matching linens. But almost all men I serve prefer a bed, which besides being comfortable, gives me more freedom to move around, to do my best work. My oil and lotion (Biotone's Advanced Therapy Massage Gel and Lotion) are both safe for washable fabrics. And when we begin, I'll show you how to lie comfortably, either on your bed or on my table.

Pleasant music or total quiet is your choice, too. My phone has high-quality audio, and I have music that paces my strokes beautifully and that I think you'll greatly enjoy, And if you have your own relaxing music, you're welcome to play that instead.

I recommend Biotone Advanced Therapy Massage Gel, and I also travel with Biotone Advance Therapy Massage Lotion for men who prefer a lotion. The gel has a barely noticeable, "shower fresh" aroma. The lotion has almost no aroma. Both are easily washable.

Please read the reviews that men have written, the testimonials of their experience. Neither they nor I can entirely convey these experiences in words, though, so schedule your own session and test the benefits for yourself.

Travel on I-10 and I-12 is a little unpredictable because of bad weather, construction, and traffic. When I'll be traveling to you, it's good if you can leave extra time in your schedule in case I'm delayed. While I'm driving, it's often dangerous for me to handle my phone, so please don't be anxious or upset if I don't reply right away.

I'm 5 ft 9, weigh 145 pounds, and have a 31-32" waist. Men sometimes tell me I have a soothing voice. I am over 18, of course; beyond that, being healthy and being easy on your eyes seem more important to me than counting our orbits around the sun. I have more photos to share with men considering service.

Please send me a message by text or email, using my number or my email link below.

About Him

I'm 5 ft 9, weigh about 145 lbs, and have a 31 or 32 waist (174 cm, 67 kg, 79 cm). I'm over 18, of course. Beyond that, being healthy and looking nice for you are more important to me than counting our trips around the sun. I have more photos to share with men who are serious about service.

I'm thankful that almost a dozen men have written reviews of their experience. Please read their testimonials on my Baton Rouge page. Then enjoy your own experience!


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