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Low back pain? Sore shoulders? Stiff neck?

My name is Phillip and I'm a licensed massage therapist who can provide an intuitive massage tailored to you. I endeavor to provide a unique massage for each client and not go through a standard regimen of strokes. Every body is different and yours deserves a specialized massage custom-made for it.

During your massage my touch and pressure are entirely based on you, how your muscles are responding to my bodywork, and I adjust accordingly. My instincts are pretty good at "dialing in" to what feels good to you, however I do encourage feedback to make sure you receive the exact massage you want. In addition, I sometimes encorporate stretches and movement into a treatment based massage as a way of reaching all the muscle fibers and providing a more thorough treatment.

My favorite part of a massage is that moment when you get off the table and everything feels better. I endeavor to make each massage unique and not give a routine massage. I come from a medical background and my goal with each massage to truly help you towards healing and feeling great in your body again.

I believe getting a regular massage is one of the best things you can do for your health. I believe that you are your own best advocate for your health and I like to provide you with stretches and tips to help you continue your healing journey even off my massage table.

I provide massage to everyone, it doesn't matter to me if you are young or old, in-shape or not. Everyone deserves a great massage and I believe today's society is doesn't allow enough touch. I've received many massages from both men and women and as a gay man there's an energy when with a massage with two men that can't be replicated. I use Biotone, a top quality lotion, that will hydrate your skin, has no additives, and is unscented.

About Him

I'm a certified and licensed massage practitioner in the state of Washington. I've been trained in deep tissue, myofascial release, Swedish massage, and cupping massage. I believe that each person's body deserves an individual massage tailored for them, whether that means needing to relax or needing a deeper treatment. My passion for massage comes from being able to help people feel better and more comfortable in their bodies. I enjoy finding areas of tension, releasing them, and then educating my patient about what I found. The most rewarding part of massage for me is when a patient gets off the table and their pain is reduced or completely gone. In addition I'm a firm supporter in client/patient education and consider it important for clients to be given stretches and tools to be able to continue their healing outside of the massage session.


In-studio 60 min. $70.00
90 min. $100.00
120 min. $160.00


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