Touch of Euphoria

Wholistic Healing for Body, Mind, Spirit



About his bodywork

In depth Wholistic Healing male massage/bodywork session with Touch of Euphoria is blissful, energizing, and deeply rejuvenating on every level.

I have over ten years experience in helping men feel comfortable, supported, and embraced. Sessions completely reset your body mind, and spirit. I am grateful to provide loving and present touch that is deeply peaceful yet energizing.

We begin with a conversation about your specific preferences and intentions which sets up a clear flow for what to expect during the session. Then, you receive an amazing full body treatment utilizing Thai Yoga, Trigger point release and Advanced Energy Healing techniques including Reiki, Pranic energy movement, and Chi Balancing.

Common experiences:

*Increased awareness of the potency of your energetic power and how it can be used for positive emotional shifts and healing

*Using the body's natural energy for energizing goals

*Deep relaxation and rejuvenation with increased body energy flow and tension release

I love providing gay men with an expert healing experience. My sessions are guaranteed to reduce stress and activate more energy flow. Sessions are done on a soft mat in the Thai Yoga style OR can be done on a table if you prefer.

Draping to your comfort level and professionalism guaranteed.

$100/hr, $150/90

I can usually accommodate same day appointments but book at least 24 hours advance to ensure you get the time you want. Morning, midday, afternoon, evening and late night times available in my convenient downtown Portland location.

Also available for outcalls for a small additional fee.

About Him

I have been doing loving energetic bodywork for over ten years. It's my passion to help people transform pain and energy blocks through understanding, self-love, and positive touch. I have been extensively trained in energy healing techniques and Thai Yoga Therapy. I also have created transformational healing life coaching programs that inspire me and many others.


In-studio 60 min. $100.00
90 min. $150.00

Additional Fees

Travel fee, starting at $20.00

Travel schedule

  • Feb. 20 - 28: Brooklyn, NY
  • March 02 - 09: Kahului, HI